In need of a new CPU cooler any suggestions?

Specs: i7 920 2.66Ghz
Case : CoolerMaster Cosmos S
Mobo : Asus P6T delux v2
ram : 6Gb OCZ PC12800 1600Mhz triple channel
GFX : Asus ATI EAH4890 1Gb
PSU : Seasonic M12D 850watts

im in need of a new aftermarket CPU cooler originally bought the Xigmatek Dark knight but that didnt fit it never occured to me that i should of factor in the side fan... well rather more that i forgot to factor it in. so after having read some review and specs of my case i was left with about 145mm of space for an aftermarket CPU cooler. most that i have read about with good reviews sits in the 160mm plus value in height. is there any suggestions of a good valued aftermarket CPU cooler that has a height of less then 145mm ? please throw some suggestions this way i am currently abit lost.

thank you
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  1. Here is a link to a very good web site with a lot of useful information about cpu heatsinks:

    There is a separate list for low profile cpu heatsinks. You can use the embedded search feature to find information about heatsinks for specific cpu sockets.
  2. Rock n roller im not sure if you actually read the post properly... but i did state my case wont fit anything of that size... give and take the side panel 200mm fan factor... im left with only a head space of 145mm to play with all the ones that you have suggested are pretty much 160mm. and yes i have read about them and yes i do like them but the size says no =]
  3. I had some pretty serious size constraints when I chose my CPU cooler and I went with a CoolerMaster Hyper N520. No complaints so far... 2 92 mm fans seem to do the trick nicely.
  4. I'm using a hyper 212 plus on my i7 860. I don't know exactly how big it is, but it does fit in my Antec 900.
  5. bliq - The original Coolermaster Hyper 212 and the newer Hyper 212 Plus are both 160mm tall.
  6. Take a look at this link

    I suggest the Cogage TRUE Spirit which is a pretty affordable good cooler
  7. I remove the Side Fan on my case. It only disturbes the air flow.
    Think about it, you want the air to exit the rear, but the side fan is totally disrupting the direction of intended flow, In from the front and or bottom, out to the rear. Put a fan on the side what does that do?
  8. An intake fan on the side panel can be quite useful. It can contribute to case ventilation, airflow, and cooling. Usually the openings on the side panel are located over the video card or over the cpu. Sometimes there are two openings. They can help cool the video card and/or the cpu. It's quite common in modern cases that do an excellent job of cooling. The best cooling results I have seen in technical reviews are modern well ventilated cases with fans on the side panel.
  9. thanks for all the recommendations guys but i did manage to get a pretty good solution from another question i asked in another thread in regards to watercooling and this was thrown at me.

    it out performs alot of the High end air cooling modules comes really easy to install
    and priced at AU$107 not too expensive and it might just be the solution to my problem so i might give it a shot.

    thank you for the replies and help =]
  10. Long term I believe some people have had issues with those leaking. I know the initial reviews were mostly positive, but it's not like anyone lived with that thing day-in and day-out for any extended period of time before writing the review. Maybe your mileage will vary.
  11. delusional - We've had several reports of problems with leaks. There is a current active thread in the coolers and heasink section of this forum. Have you read it?

    Actually proper air cooling can do just as well as water cooling.
  12. I've got a Zalman CNPS9500A .. which is a darn good cooler. It's the one with the 92MM fan. My temps hover in the mid 30's and don't get NEARLY as warm as it did when I was using an old cooler that came out of my Phenom 9600. Very good cooler so far IMHO.
  13. hmmm will thats good to know i havent really made any final decisions of course, i do still intend to read reviews in regards to the item itself but thank you for pointing that out.

    its starting to bug me that at this rate i will not find a HSF that will do the job of pushing my current low 40 temps down to mid 30s... and its frustrating >_< i thought the dark knight would of done the job, well it did till it met my side panel fan then i sold it to my mate haha got envious when it fitted in his case with no problem. that bastard lol

    any outsider thoughts on the suggested Zalman CNPS9500A ? having a browse at specs and some reviews at the moment while at work it seems like a nice little bugger with a price of AU$60 it isnt too shabby will read some more review... but opinions on it are welcome, especially if you have dealt with it or are currently using one at the moment.

    thank you

    odd having a read of the specs though it says it supports i7s , 1336 LGA in its package and menu it doesnt have the 1336 LGA brackets =\
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