2 failed hard drives


I have 2 hard drives in front of me.

The first is Western Digital and has constant sound and vibrates really a lot.

The second is Samsung and almost doesn't vibrate. It makes a very low sound like "tatatan tatatan tatatan".

The first has the USB controller integrated on the board. Maybe it's just the controller? Well, I'm 80% sure it's the controller. So, what can I do if that's the case?
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  1. On the WD hard drive (the one with the integrated controller) there are yellow/golden pins. A set of 1 pin, a set of12 pins, and a set of 2 pins. Can anybody tell what these are?
  2. 1) Back up your data to nice quiet drives, just in case.

    2) Download the diagnostics from the respective manufacturers and run them. Also check the SMART statistics.

    3) What model WD drive is that? I'm not aware of one with integrated USB, so I could learn something.

    All HDDs will make some noise, but it should not be much. Increased noise is often a sign of a mechanical problem that heralds an impending, or already present, failure.
  3. I will check the manufacturers' websites now.

    The model number is WD500BMVV
    Date: 30 Dec 2009
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