Clarify HDMI adaptor on diamond 4650 agp ddr3 card

Can someone please clarify for me what the HDMI adaptor on the DIAMOND 4650512A Radeon HD 4650 512MB 128-bit GDDR3 AGP 8X would be connected to? I see a s-video out connector, a DVI conector, and a VGA connector.
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  1. how does the adapter work with audio? I thought HDMI = DVI + Audio
  2. The picture provided in the newegg site does not look like a dvi connector on the one end - but I might be wrong. It almost looks like the adapter goes to the s-video. [...] deo%20Card
  3. the video card provides the audio? So then you don't get to use any sound card that you have installed?
  4. in the picture there is something called 'jdtv cable'. what is that? it looks like component on the output and *something* on the other side. WHat does that other side (the non-component) hook up to on the card?
  5. since I was not allowed to edit the msg, I meant 'HDTV cable'.
  6. so it looks like yous are correct, there does not seem to be an hdmi connector in the lot. can you deliver an hdtv signal with component connectors? i just looked at my digital projector and I do not see component connectors on it, only s-video, vga, and hdmi.
  7. just get a dvi to hdmi connecter...they're like 5 dollars
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