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Hi there,

When i turn on my laptop, i'm on the screen which enables me to choose my profile or guest there is a small icon in the bottom left of my screen, for some reason (boredom) i was clicking on it and you can have a on screen keyboard, text narrator etc, well i clicked on the "see text in better contrast" which turned the background black,... Anyway however many times i unclick it when i go to my profile & log in then there are alot of things happening,...

There is hardly any colour,

Some things dissapear completely..

This only happens on my profile, if i log in as a guest then all is ok????

Can anyone help?? Ben
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  1. Your user profile may be corrupted.. search for the ntuser.bak and the ntuser.dat hidden files in your user profile folder. Next rename the ntuser.dat to ntuser.old and ntuser.bak to ntuser.dat

    If that doesn't work, another approach is to create a new user account and migrate your files and settings with a registry edition in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders. Will complete this info if you need it.

    BTW, this is for XP but should work as well with W7
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