Having issues with intensive games locking up computer


My "gaming" machine is a desktop I built ~2 years ago and have upgraded the ram and video card since then. It currently has:

core 2 duo E6600
8gb ddr2 800 G skill ram
8800gts 512 nvidia
(don't remember the exact model) 750 watt, gaming power supply

my problem is that recently, I got crysis warhead (medium settings @ 1680x1050) and red faction guerialla (gamer settings @ both 1680x1050 and 1280x1064). (I know the games are old), and when I try to play them the computer completely freezes or windows comes back saying that the game has stopped working and its looking for a solution. I am running Windows 7 x64 with the latest updates. This is the same setup I played Crysis 1 on at high settings @ 1680x1050 and played through the game without ever having issues. I also have played other heavy games on it such as the latest GTA.

My first thought was heat but that doesn't appear to the be the case. I have a really good after market cpu heat sink & fan, and using riva tuner keep the nvidia card at 80-90% fan speed. Under normal load, speed fan reports cpu temps of 30-35C and video card temp of 50C. I played red faction at half screen and used the other half for speed fan and during intense scenes the CPUs were at 50C and the vid card never went over 67C. I don't believe these are dangerous tempatures so unless I am wrong its not heat.

My other thought was that my system just isn't good enough anymore for these games, because when playing the half screen setup speed fan showed both of my cores were pegged at 100% usage.

I am at a loss and am wondering if this does sound like a heat issue and that the higher temperatures are being reached when the games are full screen or is my hardware just not good enough anymore?
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  1. sounds like a software or driver problem to me.

    windows isnt crashing.
  2. but since its two games doing it what software would it be? Ive upgraded to the latest nvidia drivers and have the same issue
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