How do you replace an integrated graphic card?

Hi, I need help on how to replace an integrated graphic card with a better and this is my first time doing it so I'm afraid of doing something that might damage the computer since it's a new one :sweat: . If it's possible, a step by step instructions would be really helpful. Basically, I want to know how and what to uninstall first so that i can install a new one. After that, i want to know how to install the other graphic card.

Current graphic card: geforce 7025. One thing that i'm not sure is what kind of graphic cards are compatible with integrated motherboards. I heard that PCI are the ones but i hope someone can verify that for me.

One more thing, any recommendations for graphic cards that are not too cheap ($50 if possible) and can run games decently.

Sorry, I know I'm asking for a lot and I thank those who would take their time to respond to this. :D
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  1. Integrated graphics are either chips soldered onto the motherboard, or are part of the cpu chip. You can't replace them.
    If your motherboard has a pci or pci-s expansion slot, you can get a discrete graphics card and abandon use of the integrated graphics.

    But get a good enough discrete card or you may be disappointed. Integrated graphics of newer systems are about the power of a $40-$50 graphics card.
    You should budget perhaps $80 or so.
  2. To summarize, you need to check what kind of slot your computer has, like AGP or PCI-E (Most likely it's PCI-E)

    If you put a dedicated video card in your system, the integrated video card will automatically be disabled.
  3. are you sure? i heard that you have to first uninstall the integrated video card in order for the one being put in to work?
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    Nope, when you install a pcie or agp graphics card, the mobo uses that over the integrated chip,
    some systems have a hybrid system where you can set it up to use both but thats by and large irrelevant
    you want to identify your motherboards available sockets, most likely they are pcie
    what is your motherboard?
    you buy a suitable card for the system
    you turn pc off, slot the card into place,using clips if your mobo has them and/or screwing in the backplate to the case
    connect any power lines needed by the card, not all cards use extra power lines
    turn pc on, boot into windows/ your operating system
    install drivers from disk that came with your gfx card
    update them to latest version from manufacturers website
    thats pretty much as step by step as it gets, you may find something on youtube though for visual guidance if your still worried
    not really up to date links but they show the gist of it
  5. the available sockets in my mother boards are:
    1 x PCle x 16
    1 x PCle x 1
    2 x PCl slots
  6. How do i know if a graphic card will fit or not?
  7. cluelessguy said:
    How do i know if a graphic card will fit or not?

    If you have a pci-e X16 slot, then any pci-e based card will fit the slot.

    The stronger the card, the stronger your psu must be to run it. What wattage, and, more importantly, what 12v amperage is your psu capable of?
    There will be a spec label on the psu to tell you. As a wild guess, a $80 card will need a 400W PSU.

    Some high end cards can be over 11" in length. A more normal length will be 8-10". If your case is small that could be a fit issue.
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  9. Thank you for B.a. man, glad to help
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