Best graphics card for gigabyte ga-73pvm

i need to find a half decent graphics card for my motherboard
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  1. I recommend the HIS 5770 for $162.99 at newegg, with special $10 off promo code which ends today. As one reviewer said, you can spend twice as much, but you won't get double the performance.
  2. That's kind of a "how high is up?" question; it all depends upon what you expect from your graphics, and what, approximately, you are willing to spend... If you're gaming, or do rendering, it's one thing; if you just want Aero to run crisply, it's another. I use a couple 'lowly' 3850s on my workstation, watercooled by Koolance, for low current consumption - they do everything I need done (including MediaCenter viewing on a four-monitor array...), but I hardly ever CAD anything 3D, and I don't game...
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