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So I bought a new computer and I realized I want to set it up in my room. Only problem is that the internet box is downstairs. The box is wireless, however I want to know how much lag I will get if I get a wireless card for my desktop. Is there something else I can do to reduce the lag?

At my work we have a system where one internet box broadcasts to another box that "catches" the signal and then that box is connected to a linksys that has ethernet ports for people to plug into. Anyone know what this might be? (no one at work, even the tech guys, can tell me what it is or how it works. The black box that "catches" the signal has no name, upc, model number, nothing).

Any suggestions on how to get internet to my desktop upstairs and not cause to much lag would be great.
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  1. It's probably a wireless router thats been setup as a hub - the hub conects to wireless network and then it has 4 + ports for wired.

    Unless you are a VERY keen FPS player the lag you get from playing wireless wont make much difference. You can probably add 10 - 40(tops) MS to your ping for using wireless depending on the network equipment you use.

    think of your network as a road map - every extra junction you have to do causes lag - there is nothing you can ADD to a wirless setup to go faster, your just adding extra roads or junctions to go through, you can only improve the quality of the components by upgrading.

    If you're that fused about lag - get a gigabit network port (one of these killer ports if you have $200 to blow) and lay a CAT6E cable to a gigabit router (what I did). Thats best you can hope for without getting your self an extra line piped diret in to the PC.

    But as I said, unless you're an online FPS player (and well in to it) it wont make any real difference - espesialy to WoW War Eve Aion and the like.
  2. Thanks, that helps a lot. I am not a big FPS player for the most part. However I do plan to start playing COD. Also any recommendations for a good wireless adapter for my computer? I was told some are better then others. Some allow for a better internet speed then others or something (this is what I was told). A good network card or adapter is fine, just something to give me a good stable internet signal, and wont slow me down to much.
  3. Wireless N if you have a wireless N router - go for an onboard one not USB (will make a small difference to latancy)

    Internet speed will be slower then any wireless connection, (no such thing as 54Mb internet speed ISP for home users) However a better quality wireless N branded product will help with packet loss.
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