What to read/study/learn before building your first comp?

Hey guys i've been reading these forums for a week or so and i've been reading lots of post of people saying if there build was good and what not with some awesome replies by some comp gurus skora/hunter come to mind the most, imma a fan lol.

Anyway I found this article while searching around on here and was wondering if there was any other material I should read up on or study before building..

This is the article I found. It's "How To Build A PC, Part 1".


So that's pretty much it all im asking for is some reading material I stay stuck on these forums for hours reading look at my build post but was looking to gain some more knowledge..all help is appreciated.
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  1. One of the neat things about opinions is that every body has one and theyre free

    One of the bad things about opinions is that every body has one and they want to share

    Its easy to build physically computers .
    Deciding on a build is about knowing what you will use your computer for , and how much you have to spend .
    Far too often people come in here with builds where they want to buy a particular part because it costs more , and that makes them assume its better . Dont believe the marketing hype .

    read benchmarks on this site [and others to ], because that helps you see past some of the fanboy rants on the message board
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