Best Air Cooling Solution For A I5 2500K?

hi, so i previously asked a question about XXX cpu cooler vs XXX cpu cooler, but i'm not sure which way to go... So i'm just going to ask a question, what is the best cooling solution for a i5 2500k under 55$? keep in mind if you find one on newegg for 65$ (with shipping) i could still buy that considering that they have a 10$ off code... system spec: i5 2500K, asus sabertooth p67, asus eah5770, G.skill sniper 8gb 1333, ultra ls 600w psu... if that info helps...

i can hit 4.3 ghz with the stock cooler if i press down on it hard for extra contact (it drops the temps by 5c) at the highest temp at 73c, and average at 70c... but i don't like running my cpu for more then a day over 65c, and for 24/7 i like keeping it under 60c

So which cpu cooler is the best for under 55$? ( remember at newegg i can spend 65$ )
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  1. Most folks still consider this cooler excellent, and an extra-excellent value:

    COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus RR-B10-212P-G1

    $28 + free shipping, so grab a pizza on the way back :)
  2. ya... i would but i want the best performance i can get for my money (55$ 65$ on newegg) and i know there must be one better out there the the hyper 212 for under 55$...
  3. OK, then *you* have some work to do . . . take all the coolers on this list that performed better than the Hyper:,2535-14.html

    Add any from this table that outperformed the Hyper:,2788-9.html

    And then price them on Newegg. See which ones fit your budget, and which ones are noisy vs a couple of degrees difference, and decide which one you want.

    Have fun!
  4. thanks man, that helped a lot! thx
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