Best heat monitoring program?

i have an AMD 965 BE, id like to more closely monitor the temps.
i googled stuff, seems like intel offers better programs, or at least they work better on intel chips.. anyway, the one i loaded, i dont really like..
what are some recommendations for software to monitor AMD chips,, i have an MSI MoBo.
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  1. You can try core temp. It comes with a Win7 or Vista gadget and can be setup to post core temp in the task bar.
  2. I strongly recommend using more than one temp monitoring program to get the best results. Two is good, three is better. When 2 or more temps are close to the same, chances are its accurate even if a third is way off.

    These are the ones that I use for an i5. Maybe they can help you:

    Core Temp (same as above)

    Real Temp

    CPUID HW Monitor

  3. I do not trust SpeedFan. It is not reliable on a wide range of equipment.
  4. I don't really trust any of them lol

    But, by cross-checking them against each other, I feel more comfortable about the readings.
  5. Hwmonitor / Hw monitor Pro is good and sometime fain in Unlock CPU
    Sysoftsandra / Everest (uusualy work with unlock CPU about core temp)
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