OCZ Reaper HPC ddr2 pc8500 1066mhz problem

I need some help!
I have been working and building computers for over 15 years now and I have encountered a problem with my personal system at home when I purchased some OCZ Reaper HPC PC8500 ddr2 1066mhz ram 4gig kit to upgrade my computer which is running windows XP pro SP3 and using GEIL pc8500 ddr2 2gig kit Evo One Ram.

When I put this new ram in I post and immediately after the computer POSTs I get one of two things happening :
Windows/System32/config file is either missing or corrupt

It will boot into scan disk for no reason do stage 1 of scan then start spamming the screen with messages that it is deleting invalid or corrupt entries so I stop it and reboot and it does one of these two things every time.
I put my old 2 gig kit back in and it boots into scan disk ran a scan disk had to fix a few files and boots fine.
OCZ cant tell me anything I sent the ram back got a new kit,
Same thing! the ram most likely is not bad and it is a issue with something else, my motherboard MSI manufacturer shows this specific ram is compatible and tested with my MOBoard and they cannot offer any answers.
PLEASE has anyone ever had anything like this happen? RAM as far as I know should not cause these types of issues weather bad or incompatible.
my BIOS for my MO-board I was told not to bother updating the last 2 small updates becuase they don't address any ram compatibility issues. HELP ME!
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  1. You may want to CLR_CMOS to reset your BIOS to its default settings, save and exit. Power-off the computer, install the new RAM (remove the old RAM), re-connect the power cord, and power-on.

    It's possible that your new RAM has different SPD settings from the old RAM, and the BIOS is trying to run the old RAM SPD settings, screwing your boot into windows. CLR_CMOS will reset defaults and let the BIOS read the new RAM's SPD.
  2. would this still feasible if my old ram is the same speed and timings as the new just a different manufacturer?
  3. I think so; the actual memory chips on the sticks are not likely to be the same mfr. CLR-CMOS won't hurt your BIOS or you computer, it resets the BIOS settings to the default settings. If you made changes to the settings, e.g., to set the primary boot order and HDD, you would have to re-enter those changes after resetting the BIOS.
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