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Here's the situation. There are 4 computers in the house connected to the net with Verizon dsl and a Westell gateway. 2 desktops are hard wired to the router with ethernet. The laptop and another desktop are connected wirelessly via the laptops internal wireless device and the desktop by a Belkin usb adapter. The thing is the wired connections are dialup slow when pulling up web pages and streaming video. The wireless connections seem to run as designed. I always thought it should be the other way around. any ideas on some router setting maybe that I need to change or something. I'm out of ideas and my usual help sites have been no help. Thanks for any input
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  1. Check your LAN cables and ethernet card(s)...If the desktops have built-in ethernet , try plugging in an add-on ethernet card.
    Hope this helps
  2. Thanks Roxy. I thought about new cables as my first option. The ones I'm usiing are a bit old.
  3. Also, it might not be your actual connection. There are other variables such as your DNS server and simply may depend on the actual computer, its configuration, the operating system, and the web browser itself.
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