Can I replace a Celeron D processor with a Pentium 4 processor?

I have an eMachine with a Socket 478 Celeron processor. Can I use a Socket 478 Pentium 4 processor as a drop-in replacement? Could it really be just that simple? THANKS.
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  1. sure you can.
  2. Use the same fsb rating for the p4, and you should be ok. Check computer geeks, starmicro, and other pricewatch venders. Most 533 fsb should work fine.
  3. I would think that if this be a real celeron D processor, chances are good that 800 fsb CPUs are also supported, as the launch date of the Celeron D was at the end of 2004, and the chipset would have to have prescott support as well to run the Celeron D, meaning a relatively modern socket 478 chipset. Nonetheless, if garyd45 would be kind enough to give us the model # of his eMachine, we could determine which CPUs it supports.
  4. Sorry, didn't realize the answer(s) would be so involved. I have an eMachine T4510 in which I installed some RAM (that I thought was good) and it wouldn't boot; removed the RAM but it still wouldn't boot -- never even completes POST. Anyway, I swapped the processor with a known-good Dell Gx270 and the Gx270 worked so I know the processor's okay. What I'm wanting to do is put the processor in a eMachine T2885 with "2.8GHz Celeron" and an 845G chipset. I'm hoping to put the P4 into this T2885. Any help or advice would be appreciated, as this is the computer my fie uses as a self-employed medical transcriptionist.
  5. the T2885 is not a Celeron D, but the older Celeron, based on the Northwood core. The 845G chipset in the emachine is a DDR capable 845G, likely with 533 mzh fsb support. It looks like most of the GX270s came with Northwood Bs, so in all likelihood it should work to put the P4 out of the GX270 into the T2885.
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