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Im by no means new to overclocking but , I would like to know if anyone has any good advice on the phenom 560 (x2) , ive run it unlocked to 4 but havent really got much out of it , anyways running as a dual core I can get a pretty good overclock out of it. Anyone have any good advice for reaching even higher speeds? Im currently running it on a crosshair v formula with 8 gigs corsair (1600) running at 1600. with 2 radeon 6950's @ 2 gigs each. and can get pretty stable 4.2 out of it. please let me know if theres more we can get out of this chip, thanks
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  1. wow, 4.2 is very nice! I am running a PhII 555BE, and have gotten it somewhat stable at 3.92GHz. It has actually upset me, due to the fact that i have bought a $60 after market HSF (Zalman CNPS9900A LED), as it is running IDLE at 40c. The thermal grease was spread very thin as directed, and my case is a Cooler Master HAF X. There should be no issues with heat or air flow with this build, yet my temps say otherwise. Also, for only a medium aggressive OC, the system is much more unstable that i would like it to be. CPUv is at 1.48, 18 count multiplier, and 216 FSB. Any suggestions?
  2. Yeah im 4.2 on water , but on a crossahir formula board as well. you should be able to hit over 4 with this chip since most chips AMD wise max out around 4-4.2 even if they are dual core 2.6 or hex 1100t. I would try to increment up on the voltage one step at a time. I would also try to step the multiplier up a bit a lower the bus for now , most Amd chips like a multiplier around 19.0 19.5 seems to be the sweet spot. let me know what you come up with.
  3. Last night i tried to lower my FSB (200), and it shut down, posted, but would not go to setup/bios...just a black screen. No bueno batman! My highest clock speed was a 4.045GHz running an 18.5 multiplier, 216 FSB, and 1.48v, but temps in BIOS were at 41c. I didnt think that was low for my cooler, and was worried when Prime95 only ran for appr. 2.5 hours. I bought the Zalman because it looked pro rated, and i am still sketchy on stepping into the water cooling platform.
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