Watch HD TV on computer?

This seems to be a very confusing topic for which to find solid answers. Here is the situation:

- DirecTV HD box connected to a Yamaha Receiver for audio and Ultra Wideband Matrix Router doing HDMI->Component->HDMI for 'routing' to various places in the house (HDMI out from the box to Component in the Router to Component out of the Router to HDMI into the end points).

- Windows PC (XP Pro) with dual HD LCD monitors and audio input. No capture or TV tuner card. Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX graphics.

I want to take an HDMI cable from the Router to something on the computer (a card) so that I can watch TV while working in my home office (being forced to watch TV in the living room is killing my productivity). Seems simple enough until you try finding a solution. Don't want a Slingbox thingy. Don't want a TV Tuner card (and service as I already have DirecTV - duh). Simply want a pass through to view TV on one monitor.

The LCD monitor only has VGA and DVI inputs. Wouldn't bother me to use something like an HDMI->DVI converter but then I lose the audio over the HDMI cable. Might be able to get audio through a separate connection. Could also do Component out of the router as well.

I want to keep this as inexpensive as possible! :)

Help is very much appreciated!

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  1. Ultra Wideband Matrix Router What is the name of this router and modle.
  2. It isn't my equipment and was purchased online. All that I know is that it is a VS "Ultra Wideband Matrix Router". There are zero other markings on the unit (besides the input/output information). Basically 'black box'. It does 8 ins-outs (8x8 YUV) - rear access is, to say the least, not easily done.

    Nonetheless, how does that help? It has Component video in and out. We're using converters to take the HDMI from two units units (DirecTV HD box, Blu-Ray player - with other non-HD boxes) to the Router and from the Router into the living room and bedrooms HD LCD TVs. Just need a means to connect it to the computer (or simply LCD monitor) in my home office (which happens to be where all of this AV equipment is also set up).

  3. baddad said:

    Ah, there's the problem. We moved to a smaller house a few months ago. In the previous house, my home office was large enough that a CRT TV was easily placed nearby on its own desk. The current and much smaller office is packed to the brim (the other desk is now in my bedroom, the CRT long gone). On either side of my computer desk are tall bookshelves (in use) and the desk faces a wall. No room at all on the desk. The only option here would be a wall-mounted LCD TV/monitor on the wall behind the desk - beyond my budget methinks. Thus the reason to 'steal' one of the computer monitors (Samsung 245BW 21" - which were purchased only a couple years ago). I see that the newest version of this model (245T) has HDMI (and so on!) but that would be difficult to justify $660. Do they do this on purpose? ;)

    I'll skulk around NewEgg and see if something similar and inexpensive can be found.

  4. This works great and it's cheap I have one in my kitchen
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