HD 4830 3rd Party Drivers?

Recently I have been having all kinds of trouble running the games I normally play. I almost always get an APPCRASH c0000005 error. (give or take one or two zeros). I have checked everything, ram voltages, ram timings, set everything back to stock speeds and no luck whatsoever. I have messed with everything but my graphics card and I am pretty sure that is the problem because I just updated the driver software. I have been looking all over the place for some 3rd party drivers to test out but am having a pretty hard time finding them. Either they are CCC modifiers and not actual drivers, or they aren't for Vista 32. I have checked Omega, no go there either. I don't really know where to look! Does anybody know of some good 3rd party drivers for this thing?

OR, maybe a different solution to this problem? Thanks!
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  1. There are no 3ed party dirvers that are worth anything.

    This is not a driver issues anyway though.

    This is a problem with your .net framework (probably). It could also be a virus, or a problem with the OS install.

    Try making sure the system is clean first. Second, unistall all .net framework software and reinstall it. If this does not work you may have to reinstall the OS.
  2. I think you are right zipzoomfly. I just tried to update the framework and all that jazz, but no dice. dang!
  3. just install the driver without the catalyst control center. CCC is generally what's gonna have problems with .net if anything and removing it generally gets rid of those annoying bugs. As zip said though, it would be best for you to go with a clean install.
  4. Ok, I did a full clean install of windows and I now get a BSOD with error code 1033. I will try installing only the drivers. But I would also like to do a little overclocking on the card, how would you suggest I do that without CCC?
  5. Rivatuner.. obviously don't even think about overclocking until you have it stable.
  6. Nope, only installing the drivers didn't do it. I still get a BSOD with a "Driver IRQ not less or equal" thing. Says something about a ndis.sys file? or something? any ideas? No worries there, I know the time/place for OCing haha
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