I5 2500k OC question!

I currently have the processor running stable at 4.5ghz(1.6ghz idle) at 1.336 vcore at idle and 1.320 vcore under load. My question is whether I should leave it like this or if I should turn on auto vcore and enable intel SVID so that idle vcore is 1.0 and 1.344 under load.
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  1. How do you have it idling at 1.336v CPU voltage? It shouldn't be anywhere near that high. That's definitely bad, to be running that much voltage through the CPU when it's only operating at 1.6GHz.

    I would recommend the Auto setting in this case.
  2. if you have all the c1e and speedstep off then its going to idle higher voltage. there is nothing wrong with that but as long as your oc is stable you should enable the power saving features since they keep temps lower. otherwise as long as under load your under 80c at your current voltage you are more than fine.
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