New 1TB Hard Drive, gone bad?

I recently decided to upgrade my computer which involved a new 1tb hard drive as I was running out of space on my old 400gb. Everything was fine for about a month or two but now when I boot up I get an annoying sound (it's hard to explain, but it doesn't sound like it's broken, more of a "loading lots of stuff" sound) also, whenever I click on programs e.g. chrome or documents, it makes this sound - My sister has an old win xp computer which is about 6 years old which makes the same sound. Is there anything I can do? Thanks
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  1. The drive might have become heavily fragmented. When this happens the read heads on the drive need to cover a larger distance because the files aren't sequential. It's like wandering around the supermarket in a random fashion rather than visiting each aisle once in order. So this can attribute to the drive not only being slower but making more noise.

    If you are using windows you can use the "Disk Defragmenter" tool. It's under Start -> Applications -> System Tools.

    There are better tools to defrag hard drives but the windows once should help for now.
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