I know this question has been beat to death

My newly setup system freezes for 40 seconds at a time 2-3 times a day. Mouse moves, but apps grey out, then all returns to normal. I have win 7 premium x64, and culprits in other posts that I have: iTunes, OCZ vertex 3 64GB, S3 sleep on (no hybrid)

Please any help?
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  1. please list your computers FULL specifications
  2. +1 on full specs.

    In the meantime, go through your power options and disable ANYTHING that forces your computer to sleep, hibernate etc.

    Set your power state to S1 in Bios. I think that is where it responds only to the power button. I welcome correction on the various power states.

    But until we see full specs we cannot reach a reasonable agreement on how to fix it.
  3. I found my solution. Sandforce controllers in new ssd drives have this problem. My OCZ has mutiple threads covering this issue on their website. Latest firmwares fix the problem.

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