8800gts 640mb SLI help on CS:S

Hello all, this is my first post on TOMS, unfortunatley its because i have a problem!

For some unknown reason in CS:S in the video stress test i get on avg. 92FPS with system in my sig. Which i KNOW isnt right.

This is on a Acer 24" monitor using native res of 1920x1200 everything at MAX (16xQSAA and 16xAF). I'm quite new to all this overclocking malarki and the system WAS running @ about 130fps on CS:S until i changed the RAM divider to 800MHz (this is the only thing i changed) and then suddenly i was hitting highs of 400fps and averaging 240fps.

Now, since then i have updated bios to latest for the Mobo to enhance stability and compatibility of pheonom processor. Since i have done that i am now getting the 92fps as mentioned before and i have tried ALL sorts. I loaded Bios defaults and still the same, unchecked SLi in nvidia control panel to see if SLi was working and my framerate halved still to 43fps :o :o :o

Tried updating forceware drivers to latest. Messed with loads of settings in nvidia control planel no change.

Also another thing i think i have changed is memory voltage from 2.2v to 2.1v but system still seems stable and boots up fine....could this pos be causing problems even though appesrs fine?

Would changing the power managment from balanced to high perfomance have an impact on this as this is one thing i havent checked yet (im @ work now so cant check and not sure if this keeps going back to balanced on reboot)

So now this is making me wonder if other games are running at the proper speeds!

I get 50fps avg. in UT3 @ 1920x1200 no AA or AF using SLI - this sound right to anyone?

Don't have a clue why this has happened and seems SOOO strange since i was getting 240fps avg before but this only happened once!!!!

buggered if i know.

Cheers, Dean.
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  1. The 8800gts 640mb is an older card and updated drivers seem to cause random things with 8800 series cards. The 240 fps was perhaps the drivers running everything with lowered detail or something, who knows since you haven't reproduced it. Anyway if you're getting low performance then google your card along with that game to see if anyone else is having similar issues and what driver version they used to correct said issues.
  2. Hmmm, Seemed to have same detail as before....I knew something was up before as i was only getting 130fps so i changed the ram divider (as i learned about the FSB:DRAM ratio) and this seemed to work using 1:2 ratio. I hadnt changed any setting on the graphx card at all or in CS:S...i even checked the settings again in cs:s as i was supprised @ the jump in FPS!!
  3. Bump!
  4. Bump:

    Thanks for the (non existent) help :S

    Sorted it myself anyway. Turned out to be that i had Ambient Occlusion enabled...didnt think it would be this causing a 60% loss in FPS!!!
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