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I will be buying a system with the case being the cooler master haf 912. I will have a power hungry graphics card, being the gtx 580. I know already that I will be getting rather hot, and I need to figure out the best AIR cooling solution to keep the whole system cool. It has to be really effective.
I have been doing a lot of research and am still rather confused.
I have read countless topics on different forums, and everyone has their own OPINION.
Some say, that I should only have intake in the front, and have no fans that take out the air. I think that is wrong..

I know the case comes with two 120mm fans. They recommend having one in the front and one in the back. There is also a spot for a fan at the top, and on the side as well.

Now here are the questions :

Where should I put the stock fans that come with the case?
Should I buy any extra fans?
If I buy any fans, what sizes should they be?
Do I need fans for the side and top?
If yes, the top should be intake or exhaust?
Should the side be intake or exhaust? I think it should be an intake, for the gpu is close to the side. ( I could be wrong)
If I need to buy any other case fans, how many?
Can the stock fans keep my system cool?

If I need anymore fans:
I do not need any fans with led, and the color does not matter either.
I need the fans to cool well, but they also have to be rather quiet. I don't want it to sound like a jet is taking off in my room.
They can produce some noise, but seriously minimal.

Hopefully, I can come up with a strong cooling solution!
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  1. The stock fans come installed, one in front and one in back. There are actually six 120mm fan positions in the HAF 912 -- two front, one side, two top, and one rear.

    My HAF 912 has six Scythe S-FLEX SFF21F fans (the two stock fans I have sitting in the box as backups). You wouldn't like these fans as they are fairly noisy, but I like them as they push a good amount of air. I have them set up as three intake (two in front and one in side) and three exhaust (two on top and one in rear). My CPU is cooled by a water cooling loop, but I kept all the fans in because they keep the rest of the components cooler.

    The fans you should buy are sized 120mm x 25mm.
  2. Seems like they are not at newegg and may not be restocked.
    Can you recommend fans that are alike to yours?
    And I was also thinking..
    Should I switch out the two 120mm fans for one 200mm fan? Or do the 2 120mm fans cool better?
  3. I found these fans at newegg while searching for good fans for cheap.

    For $15 you get 4 fans. Plus the two fans that come with the case. So you have 6 fans which I think is really good. I did not want to go over $10 but if 4 fans are $15 it seems like a really good deal, knowing that one fan costs up to $10.
    Now the question is, are these fans any good? Would it be smart to have 6 fans cooling the system? Or should I just buy an extra one or two fans that cost more.
  4. Those fans are probably equivalent to the two stock fans that come with the case. That's a really good deal, because then you could fill all of the fan locations like I did.

    Three intakes:
    2x front
    1x side

    Three exhausts:
    2x top
    1x rear

    I recommend that four-pack, definitely.
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