Best Chespest Mobo+Ram combo AMD

Ok so i need to spend a small amount on upgrading my PC, power surge screwed it and so im buying one. Long time over due anyways.

So the ram i WANT/NEED will be to start off 4GB 1333mhz CL7. I need the cheapest, and i think the best was uuuuhhh.... g.skill ripjaws? i think.

But i need a motherboard that supports that, that is the cheapest but still has great overclocking capabilities.

Dont ask about a budget. Just tell me what im looking for lol.

Other specs: Asus 5770 ATI 1Gb etc etc.
new sata x20 LG drive.

Oh i also need the cheapest RELIABLE 750w psu. Any ideas?

So yeah, help plz.
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  1. You should have checked anandtech earlier. I sold off one of my frys combos for $45 shippped. It included a sempron 140 retail boxed with msi board. All brand new. At newegg, you can get some discounts on the regor 240 combo specials with board and ddr2.
  2. i mean what mobo in specific, i need only a name and specs n stuff cause im in the AUS, so its different here. Im thinking of going with the g.skill ripjaws 4GB 1333mhz CL7 ram, and the AMD BE 955 3.2ghz, the gigabyte GA-MA790GPT-UD3H mobo.
    still no idea on which is the best reliable cheapest 750w psu tho.
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