GTX 275 OCX - help please

Not sure if my card is broke or not. I recently bought a BFG GTX 275 OCX ( 709 Mhz ) core. I can play any game or 3Dmark test without any issues EXCEPT CoD4. After about 15min it locks up and I get a driver failure. Here is my system specs.

E8400 @ 3.00Ghz
2gigs RAM - 800Mhz ( 1333 FSB )
BFG GTX 275 OCX ( 709Mhz )
OCZSXS 600 PSU ( rated & tested at 700watts )

I have 3 exhaust fans & 1 intake fan. Idle the card sits around 42- 43*C under load it only gets to 75 - 80*C max. Like I said I can play other games without any issues. Im ONLY having the issue with CoD4.

Right now my work around is 185.85 drivers and under clocking my card to 702Mhz and memory down from 1260 to 1200Mhz.

*shrug* no clue, but the one game I play the most, happens to be the one I have issues with.

Im running XP SP3 with all updates. 3DMark06 I pull a 14,900 for a score.

Any advice / help is greatly apprecaited !! Thank you
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  1. Also, Ive updated CoD4 to the latest patch.

    Anyone? Thanks :D
  2. OvrClkr said:

    I pretty much went thru all of Nvidia's current and available drives on their page back to April.
  3. bump ^_^

    Anyone ?
  4. I have an EVGA 275 and have experimented with many different overclock settings. Some games are more friendly than others (Crysis loves it, GTR2 pukes out a high overclock). Try backing off your speeds a little one at a time each at core/memory/shader for the failing game. Also, read this about overclocking the 275:

    Nhancer allows different configurations for each game, and has been a key for me to max the card out for each game. Of course, YMMV.
  5. Thank you, thats what I was looking for. I figured it was just CoD4 being the issue and conflicting with the card to some degree considering I have no other issues at all with any other game or application (stock settings)

    Im not looking to OC the card at all. THe OCX model comes stock with the core at 709Mhz over the 633Mhz standard. Part of the reason I bought this particular model. I wanted a guarenteed OC to that level while maintaining stable preformace. But I guess its not a perfect world.

    I was just hoping someone else had similar issues with this particular card and or model "OCX". I mean down the road if it really urks me I could always contact BFG and RMA a replacement.

    So you think thats it? Just a conflict with CoD4 and the card being OC so high from the manufacture?

    Thanks Again.
  6. I wouldn't guarantee it, but I've read about the EVGA factory overclocked cards crashing certain games, not others. I missed where you said it was factory o/c. In any event, try underclocking it some as I mentioned and see what happens. And note in that Anandtech link they weren't able to get it even stable up to your factory overclock core speed.
  7. yeah I saw that, its funny too cause 702Mhz is as high as I can get it to be stable in CoD4

    Thing is, my OCX card is the SAME as the stock 633Mhz Reference model. ( as far as heatsink / fan )

    If it was more then one application or game, Id be more concerned, but right now its just this one. So Ill hold onto it for the time being and see what happens down that road.
  8. Hi I have the same card and a problem with Cod 4, the screen will go black and the sound continue.

    If I ctrl-alt-del and tab between programs I can get it back most of the time, there are glitches in the graphics a bit whilst I do this.

    Did anyone come across a solution?

    I am not looking to change the clock settings on this card, as it is manufacturer clocked and I don't intend to void the warranty as the card is a week old.
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