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Alright, I just built a new pc for my brother with an X3 720 and 4gb of OCZ Gold DDR3 1066 ram. I ran Prime95 in the "blend" setting and I keep getting errors. The first time I ran it I got an error after about 1 minute, second time it was 4 minutes, third time I got one after 2 minutes. I only get errors when I run it on blend setting which leads me to believe that its a memory problem. This would really suck because I already had to RMA the last set because of a bad stick. My question is, can I just ignore it? I haven't had any BSOD's or crashes yet and everything seems to be working fine. I really dont want to RMA this set because its just a task and my brother really doesn't want to wait any longer to use his computer. Plz help.
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    I would try using it. You'll continue to get errors or bluescreens if the memory is bad. Check the memory specs and see what settings your bios is running for the timings and voltage. Or you can use cpuid (a free download) to check the timings. I stopped using prime 95 years ago; never could get my memory to run perfect with this program. Most memory has at least a one year warranty. If you return it to newegg, for example, they may charge you a 15% restocking fee plus you'll pay shipping one way.
  2. So you never had any problems even though you got errors on Prime95? I gave it to my brother and hes been using it for a few hours now without any problems. I checked CPU-Z and its running at the correct timings.
  3. That's correct. Haven't used the program in years. And I always let the board decide on the timings. I only set them manually when I'm getting bluescreens or with all 4 slots filled, if it defaults to a lower speed.
  4. Thank you very much for your response.
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