GTX 570 Twin Frozr III am I stable?

Been messing around with my new build all day yesterday and today. I finally *believe* I am stable enought o jump in games and if anything happens just knock up the voltage 1 notch and be fine.

Here is where I am at:

870Mhz/1740/2000 v1.018 (my stock v was .975v)

at one notch lower, i'd fail unigine heaven 2.5 on the 3rd loop (not even at max).

At the above specs I was able to benchmark unigine heaven 2.5 5 times in a row with extreme tess & x16anisotropic - 0 artifacts and only 62c max temp after all the loops.

Right after I closed Unigine I ran 3DMark11 again and had 0 artifacts with a score of P6477 - temp at that point only peaked at 66c.

Kombustor has never given me a problem even when 3dMark and Heaven did, so I am not so bothered by that stress test.

If the above seems okay then my plan of action is just to play my games as they release and if I encounter any issues, just notch up the v to 1.025 since my temps are pretty solid. (card idles at 35c)

I am pretty new at OCing (haven't in years).

My CPU is i5 2500K @ 4.5GHz 1.32v.

Please say to loop for hours but I feel as though aftr the 5 loop extreme unigine heaven test, I should be alright!

Input/advice/recommendations would be very much appreciated!

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  1. Seems fine, but the only way you will really know is by going around playing games. Unstable overclocks don't mean it's unstable for everything. It can work fine for stress tests and 3/4 of all of you games. But then you will see artifacts/ripping/tearing on just a certain few games.

    When I stress test my OC I generally do segments of 10-15minutes for a couple hours.
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