Monitor doesn't wake up!!

Hey everyone, I have a crazy problem.

My computer was working correctly until 2 weeks ago. ANYBODY couldn't tel me what's the problem. :sleep:

When I push the power button on the front of case, everything looks good except Screen!!
It looks like everything (Fans, Hard drive, ...) is working but the monitor doesn't turn on and it stays on "Sleep" mode!
Monitor works correctly with my other computer, I plugged my other computer's Video Card to this (but to another PORT), and it didn't work again!

Does anybody has any Idea, what's the problem exactly?

Motherboard: Asus P4P800

Thanks in advance
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  1. something is wrong with the port on the mobo

    did you put it into a PCI slot or PCIe?

    wither way one of the slots are malfunctioning
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