Intel ICH10R vs Marvell 9128 raid 0 performance


I have a Raid 0 configuration with two Intel SSD Sata3 256 GB drives (6Gb/s), using the SATA connectors on my mobo (Asus Rampage III Extreme). Each of these drives reach up to 450MB/s for separate, and in Raid0 they should reach near 900MB/s (example, using same drives:

The mobo has 2xSATA3 connectors (Marvell 9128 controller) and 6xSATA2 connectors (Intel ICH10R controller). These are the performances I get using each of them:

Supossedly I should be getting something near to 900MB/s 2, quite below the bus limit (2x6Gb/s = 1200MB/s) using the SATA3 connectors, but I only get 316MB/s.
I have read that Marvell 9128 performs well in single-drive SATA3 configurations, but has issues with SATA3 raid configurations.

I'm thinking now on getting the Raid back to ICH10R, or purchasing a decent SATA3 Raid controller.

Can anyone bring some light / advices into the matter?

Thanks a lot in advance! :)
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  1. Hey there jelito,

    I believe that the Marvell 9128 my be connected to the via the PCIe bus and is being limited by the PCIe bandwidth. The Intel ICH10R controller, on the other hand, is located on the Southbridge chip and is on the much-faster system bus.

    I use a pair of generic 2-channel Marvell 9128 exp. cards for a 4 x RAID-5 (non-SSD) and they both came as PCIe x1 cards. I get somewhat similar benchmark results to yours. I bet ASUS only used a x1 PCIe lane config. to connect the Marvell chip to the PCIe bus.

    ASUS Rampage III manual for ref here.

    I couldn't find a connection diagram in the manual but notice how they call-out the Marvell 9128 as a "PCIe" controller on page xvi of the manual.

    This may explain your surprising benchmark results.

    Phil's Blog
  2. The difference is especially evident on Sandy Bridge systems which have two Intel SATA3 ports via the chipset and two Marvell SATA3 ports via the 9128 controller. The Intel ports are so much faster it's not even funny.
  3. I know this is an old thread, but for future readers:

    I have a single OCZ Vertex 3 running on the Marvell 9128, and I get somewhere between 450-500. I have heard the controlled is limited to one PCIe bus, so RAID 0 won't make sense on it. But make sure you have your mobo set to ACHI and not IDE. In IDE mode, I was seeing the same speeds you are.
  4. Marvell 9128 = x1 PCie 2.0 = 500MB/s max across all drives (2 max) ; the fastest I've seen with (1) drive is ~380MB/s with the latest Marvell driver.
    Marvell 9182 = x2 PCIe 2.0 = 1000MB/s ; (no typo) and will allow full SATA3 speeds with (1) drive and just shy of it's full 1000MB/s in RAID 0 SSD's.

    ICH10R = Full bandwidth per SATA port, so x2 is 300MB/s * 2 = 600MB/s max (more than Marvell 9128 SATA3)

    ALL LGA 1155/2011 Intel Chipsets with SATA3 = 600MB/s max
    ALL LGA 1155/2011 Intel Chipsets with SATA2 = 300MB/s max
  5. I call Marvell 9128 is FND - Friday Night Design

    Package two 6Gb ports feeds to 5Gb bus (PCI e V2.0 x1).

    What a dumb design!
  6. On Evga SR-2 board there is both intel ich10r and Marvel 9128 , and yes benchmark shows something like for read cca 300 mb/s vs 500 mb/s in intel favor and the write is cca same on two corsair gt60gb in raid 0, However on oc-ed system the windows benchmark says that Marvell satsfaction with drives is 7.9 while intel 7.8, :) strange right?
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