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Hello guys,

Newbie here. On a time crunch. In the market for a laptop and need a laptop that supports SATA III and fully runs at the 6Gbps and also utilizes the PC3-10600 RAM and does not clock down to PC3-8500. I looked around and there is a lot of confusion. I am planning on buying a bare bones laptop that supports these and install Windows 7 Professional 64 bit on it.

I called Crucial and they were not able to give me any information. They use the word compatibility and does not explicitly mention that the SSD drives will run at 3Gbps and not at 6Gbps if your chipset does not support it.

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  1. Just how "barebones" do you want it? Sounds lik what you "might" want is a DIY laptop kit.
  2. Hey Johnny,

    Thanks for your response. Let me
    Be clear on barebones part. I meant to say that I don't need the
    Laptop with the 8g Ram and 128G Ssd installed.
    I can buy from crucial and install them

  3. 49 of the 50 newest laptops/notebooks at do not have an ssd installed:

    Unfortunately the newegg advance search feature do not include the necessary fileters to narrow it down to what you want. You'll have to check specifications for individual models. You might be better off going to manufacturer web sites.

    I think you will find that laptops/notebooks with hard disk drives are not SATA III (6 Gb/s) capable.
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