MARVELL TRAY that came with Gigabyte mobo?

Can someone tell me what is MARVELL TRAY? How does it work?
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  1. Google is your friend.
  2. jsc said:
    Google is your friend.

    I used google trying to find out what Marvell Tray was and I found this useless thread.
  3. Ok - we've been down this road enough times - Marvell doesn't appear to give a $#!t enough about anyone's business to produce any usefull documentation at all! They have a lovely looking pair of tabs on their web-site, 'support', and 'community', that are basically dead-ends; if you do a search for the actual chipset part number (88SE9128), you get this lame POC:
    and for a real laugh, go to the 'CITIZENSHIP' tab - "our marketing ditzes thought a bunch of vague BS and meaningless memberships might make our crap more saleable - we don't really understand why either, but we thought you'd be dumb enough to be impressed by a vague, unidentifiable, out-of-focus picture of some dipsticks clapping about something (maybe the head of marketing being strung up for malfeasance)?!?":kaola: And, be sure to watch the video, showing some non-existent wire-wrapped 'prototype' hand-optimized SSD doing, well, a hair's-breadth better than SATA2 in an obviously manipulated 'synthetic' (and, need I keep reminding people of WHY these are called SYNTHETIC:
    NOTE definition 3: "Artificial, not genuine"!!
    benchmark, conducted and narrated by someone with all the feeling and acting ability of a traffic cone!

    As usual, the search facility here eludes me, but I'll post back a quantitative review that shows the much-vaunted SATA3 9128 being handed its ass on a platter by the lowly Intel ICH - simply because of better integration features, and a much more mature driver structure...
  4. First of all @jsc. Perhaps you aren't familiar with this website:
    How do I find out more about jsc?
    (it's a much cattier and funnier way to say, "Google is your friend" don't you think?)

    Holy moley, Billbat, if you can't answer the question politely and stick to the subject without going off on some crazy tirade about how much you hate some technology, why do you even waste my time and anyone else who is honestly looking for this stuff. You have become part of the problem, not part of the solution, from what I can tell.

    And here's the rub: I really like your input on most things and I think you have a great, albeit sardonic wit about you that is both entertaining to read and insightful. The problem is that I am looking for these stupid Marvell drivers and instead of finding a decent thread that gives me some options, I am sidetracked by your entertaining message about marketing and ...well, I can't even remember what else, but I do remember that the list goes on and on. Like I need another thing to get me off focus when all I am trying to do is find some drivers. If that's good or bad; whether the technology is to your liking or not; whether the company sucks or not, whether the company has a great marketing team or a miserable marketing team; I just want the drivers, period.

    I guess what I am saying is, perhaps you could start a blog with your opinion about these kinds of things and then post a quick and interesting link that lets people enjoy what you have to say without feeling like they have to sort through some crazy diatribe about misguided directives in technology, marketing, or what have you just to find out that you don't have the answer to what it is that they are seeking. There's got to be a way that you can express your opinion without taking a thread like this and dumping it in the trash because you feel the need to express your opinion on a somewhat, but not completely, related issue--which by your own admission, we've heard enough times.

    Boy that sounded much harsher than I meant it and I apologize if I am out of line. I'm frustrated that every time I look for these drivers, I find a dead end and the funny thing is that I have installed them before, so I know they exist. I just can't remember where I found them...I'll post back when I find them again.


    The glass is always full--some fraction of it is full of liquid, the rest, presumably is full of air. :o
  5. jojodancer said:
    Can someone tell me what is MARVELL TRAY? How does it work?

    Hi jojodancer, my motherboard is ASUS instead of Gigabyte but I also have the Marvell Tray. Unless I'm mistaken it's a browser-based RAID management utility for Marvell RAID controllers.
  6. Are you looking for something like this ...
    The Marvell System Tray.exe file is a malicious file related to spyware. You can read the following information to learn more about the Marvell System Tray.exe file and get detailed approach on how to detect and remove the Marvell System Tray.exe file.
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