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Reinstall windows xp after wga

does windows genuine advantage have any thing to do with ability to reinstall windows xp?
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  1. Only if you have pirated copy of Windows XP.
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    That was a great answer to a vague question. . . .
  3. the cd i have is a copy i got fom a computer fix it store, tha activation code is from a guy from microsoft an the phone (dont ask how) but it all works fine and i have re installed it a few times , i havent installed the genuine advantage tool yet, what if i have to reinstall in future, is this considered a pirated copy?
  4. PhilFrisbie said:

    That was a great answer to a vague question. . . .

    the cd is a copy i bought from a computer fix it store, the activation code was given by microsoft on the phone, everything works, is it considered a pirated copy?
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    If you really have a valid activation code from Microsoft, and you have used the code on only one computer, then you should have no problem with the genuine advantage tool.
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