Intel atom n280 v pentium dual core processors

hello, im interested in buying a Netbook/notebook. I will use it for browsing the internet, word and watching movies.

I have been looking at different ones and i see some have dual core processors for example

and then ones which have intel atom n280 with a 1.6 Gz i was wondering would i notice alot more speed with the first model above? thank you.

Basically i want a small laptop 13" or below screen size, which can operate msn, word, internet with no delay, if anyone could suggest one that would be brilliant.
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  1. Quote:
    which can operate msn, word, internet with no delay
    Will you be running your web browser, Windows Live Messenger and MS Word at the same time?
    The single core Atom N280 +1GB RAM will struggle with that type of work load.
    The Pentium T4200 dual core 2.0GHz and 4GB RAM is a lot better suited to multi-tasking.
  2. Yeh they will be at the same time. A netbook or notebook with a screen 13" less, with the same specs as the macbook pro would be great if there is such thing? or is the macbook pro the cheapest for its specification?
  3. The MacBook Pro 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo is a big step up from the Atom N280.
    It's also the same CPU C2D family as in many of the Windows based notebooks. SONY Vaio C2D 2.20GHz 14" 4GB RAM $850
  4. so from a 300$ netbook to a macpro? there is alot in between there.. buy a low end dualcore laptop for about 500$ much better than netbook for that.

    most netbooks cant playback hd-video
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