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Hey guys. I just finished impulse buying, and building, a new computer, and I figured that it was time to start looking into overclocking! Although, I haven't experimented with it in a few years, and things have seemed to changed since I last looked at it. So, I figure that I'll leave it into the hands of people who are current in the information. So, here's my rig:

Case: COOLER MASTER Storm Scout
CPU: Phenom II X6 1090T with stock fan
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
GPU: XFX HD-695X-CNDC Radeon HD 6950 2GB 256-bit GDDR5

I doubt my Hard drives are of any importance, so I wont post those. Also, I do have the two extra case fans, so if I need a new heatsink, it will have to fit in that space.

So, I want to have my CPU overclocked, but still stable, and also not tax on it's life too much. I plan on having this build for a couple years, so I would like to not have anything break anytime soon. If possible 4.0ghz would be good, more even better. I plan on overclocking the gpu as well, as long as I can handle the temperature requirements. Honestly, when I bought this computer, I hadn't thought of overclocking it, so I hope buying a 730w psu wont hurt too much. x.x So, can you guys help me?

Edit: Also, soon to be running WIN7 Pro x64. Running home edition now.
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  1. you can't get 4Ghz with Stock Cooler, will be better us aftermarket cooler maybe just get 3.6Ghz without adding voltage. with increase multipiler 17.5
  2. So you're saying that if I don't change my cooler, the max I'll be able to get is 3.6 by raising the multiplier?

    If I were to buy another cooler, which do you recommend? I used to have watercooling, but I figured that I needed a new case. Looking back, I may be able to still use it. Just take out the old parts, take an air compressor to it, change the coolant. Would I then also be able to liquid cool the gpu I have?

    That's a project for another day. though. So, what cooler should I get if I were looking to get the most out of my CPU?
  3. Yeah well the PSU may be a little overkill. You are going to need an aftermarket cooler though. Stock heat solutions simply won't do. Consider a Cooler Master Hyper 212+, Cooler Master V6GT, Zalman CNPS10X and CNPS10X Extreme, Cooler Master V8, etc. If you cool it well enough, overclocking won't affect it's life in any way worth mentioning. That being said, the 1090T already has a 3.2GHz clock speed, and you won't really notice a performance increase in overclocking it now. Not from the GPU either, both are pretty good from where you are now. I'd recommend waiting on the overclocking until they are starting to show age.
  4. I know this may be annoying, but I'm going to probably repeat what you tell me in different words, just to make sure I understand what you're saying.

    So basically, since I picked my parts correctly, you're saying that I don't really need to overclock anything? That's pretty cool, actually. If that were the case, should I still get a new cooler?

    Thanks for all the help, and thanks in advance for the continued help.
  5. yep max stock cooler can get 3.6Ghz ...
    many aftermarket cooler like Toxxyc Said hyper 212 (Cheap), and more better cooler like Noctua NH - D14 / Silver Arrow , Spire Thermax etc

    if you want Water Cooling get Corsair H100 (expensive)
  6. Would the hyper 212 fit in my case with the optional case fans attached? Seems pretty big. Seems like it would do a really good job, though. Why is it so cheap? Is it's large look deceiving?
  7. Ya 212 will fit in CM Storm Scout,
  8. Holy sh!t. I guess that will be my next investment. Low price, reviews say it's really good... Wow. That really surprises me. Alright. Thanks. <3 So I guess my build is all set when I get the cooler?
  9. henydiah said:
    yep max stock cooler can get 3.6Ghz ...

    Just for information, at-least with my current system setup (if you replace my current cooler with stock-cooler) you can't get 3.6GHz (for all cores, not for some cores like in turbo mode) from stock cooler (with too much hit-n-trial) as mine was touching 59C with Prime95 without overclocking (voltages at auto).

    Don't want to contradict your suggestion but just telling what I noticed for me.
  10. MisterDoctor said:
    Would the hyper 212 fit in my case with the optional case fans attached? Seems pretty big. Seems like it would do a really good job, though. Why is it so cheap? Is it's large look deceiving?

    It's large looks are everything but deceiving. The cooler is cheap, yes, but that's only because it uses an old design. Old, but effective. So effective in fact that it cools better than a lot of other air coolers out there selling at double the price. With another 120mm fan added to the mix you'll have a huge cooler with huge cooling capacity. It keeps stock or moderately overclocked components cool and quiet, without hurting your pocket with the price.

    How do I know this? Well, I have one, extra 120mm fan and all. It fits in my Antec DF-30 case, which is thinner than your case. It's not at all the most beautiful cooler on the market, but I'm still persisting that it's the most cost-effective cooling solution currently on the market. It really is worth the money, and if you are willing to spend some time lapping it you can increase it's cooling performance even more.
  11. Quote:
    I don't never said with you .. Show me when I suggest you with voltage auto .. I alway's recommend use manual lol ... And use aftermarket lol

    Also, no two CPU's are the same. He cannot contradict your statement by using his own CPU as a benchmark, one will easily do it and one will stay far from it.

  12. yes that's right, the two CPUs will make a difference, please just give the best comments, you should not use the quotes!
    sometimes I do not understand what you are saying because of the difficulty to translate (google translate). it will result in wrong
  13. ^ I do apologise. I've noticed you are from different language, and Google Translate can sometimes disappoint. :P
  14. I have 1090T with CNPS10X EXTREME. Currently I run at 3.8 GHz. This frequency should be easy to achieve at even modest voltage. I have it set at 1.45 V at bios and it varies from 1.42 to 1.44 in EasyTune. Now, hitting 4 GHz may be a bit of a challenge. I have not had it stable yet at those frequencies. However, I have not tried to go past 1.475 V. yet. You may go as high as 1.5 V but usually it is better not to go past that.
  15. Quote:
    @yyk177200 :
    please , make your own post / new thread with your problem, hopefully it will get much response

    I am just telling MisterDoctor what to expect based on some of my personal experience and safe voltages he can apply.
  16. OC'in ur 1090T,. my experience ,.. 3.8GHZ just bump ur multiplyer to 19 and leave rest on auto,. shouldnt be a problem at all but if you want more then 19x FSB 211 or 17.5x fbs 230 both with a voltage of 1.375 to 1.425 (mobo dependant)will get u ur stable 4GHz,. ur ram is native 1600 CL9,. running the cpu FBS at 230 will OC ur ram to 1866+/- ,. if its unstable bump ur ram voltage to 1.6V --1.66 absolute max 1.7,. if its still unstable loosen ur ram timings,. if its still unstable drop ram Freqency down and reset ram volts to 1.5,.keep in mind your HT and NB will also OC if you up your cpu FBS frequency to 230,. depending on auto setting and mobo,. watch these volatges for over volting,. ifso set values manually.. Stepping will also have effect on ur OC'ing (only way to know this info is to read the text pressed onto ur cpu) also OCing 8gig of ram puts alot more stress on your cpu's memory controller,. so mabey 1st try get it stable at 4ghz with 4g ram@1866 1.6V then add the others. ive posted Link my pc on here too need some feed back for my OC'ing :) but info on there can help you alot too ^^ ,. Disable things like turbo charging,. cpu spredspectrum,. q-fan control,. cool and quiet ect anything that throttles ur cpu in anyway should be off :) install HW monitor so it keeps a current/lowest/highest--temps/volts/speed so you can look back after benching and see everything your pc did in that time,. i OCéd to 3.8 no probs what so ever with the stock cooler, just make sure us case has a good airflow
  17. yep ... above be better ( google translate sometime disappoint ) .. you're right toxxyc :)
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