Boot Issues with TA790GXB A2+

Recently put together TA790GXB motherboard with Phenom II x4 940 processor. When I power on the system I can enter the BIOs and the BIOs recognizes my hard drive and optical drive but I cannot get the system to boot. When prompted with what device I want to boot from it always takes me to a screen titled "Hardware Monitor" that displays CPU temps and the like (which are all normal). The LED Status lights are normal. I'm guessing it could have to do with my power supply only having a 20 pin connector while the motherboard takes 24-pin, but I've read online this can be done by not using the 11th, 12th, 23rd and 24th pins, plus I would imagine the system wouldn't even turn on if this was the problem. Any suggestions?
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  1. have you actually instlled , or tried to partition , and format the hard drive and then installed windows [ or another OS ]?
  2. i think you need to put your windows cd in the drive and restart when it says boot from cd hit your space bar and youll have the option to to reformat your hard drive and install your operating can not use a hard drive from another system it has to be reformatted with the new MB that you are using
    hope that helped
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