Black monitor on startup (no post). Comes on for XP loading screen

Hi Guys,

I am having a strange problem with my pc. I borrowed its PSU the other night to test some other gear but since I put it back in I have been having this problem. When I press the power butter there is a slight pause, the keyboard lights flash as usual, single beep as usual, numlock light comes on as usual but bios doesn't. After a wee while with a black screen the windows loading screen comes on and windows starts as usual. I have tried resetting the CMOS, I have checked all the power and HDD plugs and even swapped some. Another weird thing is that if I press delete as though I want to change bios settings I just have a black screen...
I have a mild overclock on the processor which I will try clearing, I will also try the other DVI plug. Any help/thoughts will be greatly appreciated.


(I have shifted this from the motherboards section as no suggestions have worked so far.)
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  1. Have you tried initiating the setup bios screen (via del key or whatever) to check if the screen just didn't pop out and you might be in a quick boot setup?
  2. Yea I tried that. It's as though there is no video signal until windows starts. If I leave it the monitor comes on for Windows loading, if I press DEL (my BIOS setup key) I get a black screen until I press rest. I've noticed something else though. I press power, NUM CAPS and SCROLL flash. NUM comes on... nothing happens. Lights flash again. This time NUM off... Windows loading. I don't know if that means anything - it's as though it's booting twice and the second attempt always successful BUT no post and Windows loading comes up immediately (making me think it was already going). When I have some time I will try everything out of the case.
  3. Solution was to swap out the graphics cards between my own and another computer, boot them up normally, shut them down and then swap them back.
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