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I'm trying to install a Phenon II x4 945 processor on a gigabyte 790 gpt motherboard. The chip goes in with no problem. I can't get the fan to latch on properly. I don't want to push down too hard and break the board. Anyone have any trouble? Any suggestions? I can get one side on both the other side seems a bit short.
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  1. What kind of Heatsink is it? Is it the stock one?
  2. Yes.
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    Sometimes I have had take the motherboard out onto a flat surface, with static bag, to get it to go on. I don't know of any CPU coolers that are easy to put on. My amd Athlon x2 6000+ was a pain too. You just have to put one in and then manage the second one on.
  4. I've watched a few videos and they put it on so easy. No idea what the deal is with mine. I'm afraid I'll break the board if I push to hard. Are these boards easy to break?
  5. If you have it one a flat surface, like a desk or counter, than you will have very hard time braking it with just down force. Motherboard can bend quiet a bit before they break really, so if you want to be extra conscious than you could put on something flat. As the cpu cooler is designed to bend a little bit to be able to put it on properly.
  6. Thanks I pushed it on pretty hard and it worked.

    Hooking up some of the small connectors is a pain in the butt. Probably would of been easier if i hooked them up and then put my graphics card in. Need baby hands to manuever in there.
  7. Good, I'm glad you got it worked out! Glad I could help.

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