First time overclocking

Hey all,

I'm not a big overclockig but was looking for a bit of a CPU boost as it greatly improves performance in many flight sims.

I've recently put a new CPU HSF on my rig (it's not great, but it's cooler than stock) and I'm looking for a bit of a boost. So anyway, I sought some advice and read a few guides and this is my current results...

Core I5 760 @...

3.5ghz, 166bus speed x21 multiplier and QPI link at 2656.

I have tested it on Prime95 for 3 hours at the max temp was 81oC, I then ran it on some CPU intensive games for an hour or so and it sat at about 65oC, so although these are what are considered good temps I (believe) that I am happy with them.

The only thing I'm a little bit concerned with is my voltage, which at the current clock speeds when Prime95 is running, is exactly 1.200. I understand this is a little bit high, though I wanted to check with you guys before I touch anything to do with voltages.

Also, my memory clock is at 1334mhz, and upon gaming and running ram tests, all is stable and i'm getting a very nice boost in FPS.

In a month or so, I will buy a new HSF and go for 4.2ghz, but for now does all this seem acceptable?

Thanks a lot
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  1. Do you have the voltage on auto? You should be able to lower it a fair amount at the speed your at.
  2. Cygnus x-1 said:
    Do you have the voltage on auto? You should be able to lower it a fair amount at the speed your at.

    Hey mate,

    I do have it on auto despite all the warnings. Basically, I have these options on my mobo...

    Dynamic Vcore

    QPI/VTT Voltage

    PCH Core

    Dram voltage

    I can't work out which one directly corresponds to what I want, as the numbers next to them don't make much sense...More research needed I think...

    Thanks :)
  3. Just a bit of a bump - If anybody could guide me as to how to adjust these settings I'd be greatly appreciative. I've followed a number of guides but I'm a but unconfident...

    Thank a lot :)
  4. Qpi/VTT is your memory controller voltage, that usually defaults to 1.2 volts. I like to set that manually as well. My setup needs about 1.28 to be stable with my current settings.

    Dynamic Vcore, basically is, you set it to normal, that should give you stock voltage. Then you can add voltage depending on your overclock for stability.

    PCH is your southbridge voltage, you can leave that on auto

    Dram is obviously where you set your ram's voltage.
  5. Thanks a lot Bipedal Disaster - I've set my VCore to normal and have just run Prime95 for an hour stable....Basically, Core voltage on full load is 1.120V (most of the time) and after 2 hours Prime 95 hits 68oC max. I'm not using a stock cooler, but it's certainly not a big cooler either. It's quite small but it seems the fan is quicker and the HSF marginally larger than the stock one. Anyway, as my pc seems stable at this speed/voltage, would you recommend I go much further?

    All I've done so far is turn off Turboboost, adjust the BCLK and set the voltage manually. Am I right in presuming that if I go much further I need to start messing about with things like memory timings?

    Perhaps it's best to leave it as it is for now...Just finally, does running Prime95 for a few hours suggest my CPU is not starved of voltage? I'm nto sure what the implications of undervolting are, but I'd presume they cause crashes.

    Thans so much for all assistance, it helps a lot to have people to ask questions, as sometimes thinks aren't clear in the guides, or I need further clarification.

    Thanks again:)
  6. Sorry guys, one last question, I think I may have done my memory wrong.

    Checking memory on CPU-Z i'm getting a DRAM frequency of 664mhz. BEaring in mind my ram is rated for 1600mhz Mushkin, is this very wrong? FSB:DRAM is 2:8...Quite confused now..
  7. You don't need to change memory timings, but you might have to start changing other settings manually. Don't forget when you raise the BCLK your also changing the ram speed and qpi link speed. From my experience after a certain point motherboards love adding too much juice where it's not necessarily needed. That said you seem to have a little bit of room to go higher based on the voltage and temperature your at. But again, more manual settings will likely be important.

    Yeah if the voltage or other settings are too low or not correct, then you might crash, but no harm will come of it. You might have to reset the bios but that's about it.

    People debate how long to run prime95. Some people say 24 hours or more of blend and small fft to make sure your stable. Some say 8 hours or just let it run as you sleep, after your sure the thermals won't run away. Personally I run it for 2 to three hours.
  8. On your ram you can change the memory ratio to get closer to your rated speed or you can lower the timings to gain a speed boost. In some cases both. You just have to test it out. I personally have mine running around 85mhz higher than the rated 1600 with factory timings and voltage. By the way CPU-Z is actuallt telling you that your ram is running at 1328. DDR3= Double Data Rate Generation 3, so it is your clock rate times 2, 664 x 2=1328.
  9. Hi mate,

    Thank you very much - you've no idea how much you are helping me out :)

    I checked my ram speed in the earlier and the clock rate was 1331mhz, 2mhz short of what it's meant to run at :-) Prime has been running for quite a while now with no issue...I guess if it fails I'll just add a tiny bit of voltage and try again, though I see a fair few running 3.5ghz @ 1.120 volts.

    This overclocking is kind've fun...As soon as I get paid I'm going to buy a new cooler and try for 4ghz :)
  10. Your Welcome. Overclocking does get addictive, I would overclock my TV if I could.
  11. Cygnus x-1 said:
    Your Welcome. Overclocking does get addictive, I would overclock my TV if I could.

    Hehe...Time to break it to my girlfriend...

    "I love you, and I didn't meant to....But I've overclocked the cat...Too many volts and well, we need a new one...."
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