Vista 64 only recognizes 2gb out of my 6gb in task manager

Hello all

Basically, my computer has 6gb RAM, BIOS says so, my system information says so, CPU-Z says so. But for so reason Task manager only sees 2gb and that is what its using which is crippling me as I try and use 3d studio max.
I must add I'm running vista 64 bit. I hear memory get alocated to other hardware like GPU but 4gb?!

Hope you can help
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  1. IF you installed the memory after installing vista, use cpuid to see how much ram is on your system. Vista and 7 don't always update new hardware. I'm sure others know how to update vista, and may chime in.
  2. cipid detects 6144mb so all is present and correct. the memory was installed after vista so if anyone knows how to update what vista works with I would sooooooo grateful
  3. ok so I looked at the system configuration folder and here is the information regarding the memory

    Installed Physical memory 6.00gb
    available Physical memory 2.00gb
    available virtual memory 968mb
    total virtual memory 5.95gb
    avaliable virtual memory 4.65
    page file space 4.00gb

    does this help??
  4. Vista is detecting the memory correctly. Available physical memory is the leftover max the board will run with. You have 6 gb installed, but you can use 2 gb more. You must be using 2 2gb and 2 1gb sticks, instead of the maximum (4) 2 gb sticks.
  5. sorted!!

    system config/boot/advanced option..........

    and then uncheck the box for maximium memory, then restart and its all there!!
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