Help me in find sound driver!!

Searched on internet and downloaded various Realtek sound drivers (include Realtek High Definition and AC97) but none of them worked.

I am using Intel d101ggc motherboard, and searching for sound driver for XP 32bit.

When I search on net I found the way to look drivers if you don't know who is the manufature of the device, by using vendor ID=1002 and device ID=437B.

After wasting my time I found that the vendor ID and device ID, searching on it give me an idea that my sound chip need ATI high definition sound driver. But I search on Google, Intel download center and also search ATI websites. And did not get the correct drivers for my sound card.
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  1. P.S.= I had also used driver genius professional to automatically search the driver, but it does not have any driver for my sound. I don't owned this motherboard and its my friends PC. I had asked him to give me the driver disc if he had, but he don't have it. I even checked the Realtek High definition sound drivers with different version (old and new) but none worked. I had to search all the website but I did not find it, I want to your help if you know how to get the sound driver with the help of Vendor ID and Device ID it is mentioned above. I check the Sound IC on the motherboard it is ALC861 this will make you give me answer to download the realtek driver for it but I had tried realtek drivers and none worked.
  2. In device manager, system devices, do you have the Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio?

    No= Get it
  3. tigsounds said:
    In device manager, system devices, do you have the Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio?

    No= Get it

    I checked and it already have Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High definition audio. See the screenshot. Should I install it again?
  4. No.

    There's a collection of possible drivers
  5. The link you given for drivers for my motherboard it seem that I had already installed and tried yesterday anyway I am still gonna download it again to see if it works. Wait I will reply you back.
  6. My Internet problem download is very slow I had to retry again two times my download had stopped and I had to start again I had not install Internet download manger to resume download my fault. I had called internet techician to check the problem of internet and I had to wait till the technican comes. So I will reply you after few hours.
  7. tigsounds said:

    There's a collection of possible drivers

    I had installed sound driver from the link you gave same thing incorrect driver. I had found a link below for sound driver which look perfect, but the downloading is not free. I want your help in getting this driver can you find same driver from other site.

    P.S.= You may be thinking how do I know this information, the device manager don't show that my sound device chip manufacture, I installed driver genius professional application and in there I got my driver info check the screenshot. I did not even have this motherboard chipset, LAN, VGA driver disc and I had search on Google and got the drivers for these. The Chipset and VGA drivers was combined in one setup file and the LAN driver setup was seperate setup. I did not got the driver for sound. I think the Southbridge and sound chip is interconnect by PCI bus. And the chipset driver which I had install must have the info about the sound driver that is why it is giving the ATI SB450 information but because of the sound driver which require serprately to download which I am not getting anywhere on internet.

    I want to get my sound working, can this screenshot help you to find my sound driver? I had search on Google ATI SB450 for sound driver. But could not find it. Can you help in finding this driver for me.

    And Happy New Year :hello:

  8. Next question has to be.... If you are using XP, which service pack # ?

    Please download and run Everest Home Edition 2.20. Get it
  9. tigsounds said:
    Next question has to be.... If you are using XP, which service pack # ?

    I had XP Pro 32bit SP2 yesterday, and install SP3 today over SP2 to see if it works with SP3. I had to check if the SP3 has some fix from microsoft for the driver therefore I updated few hours back just today only

    I had even tried Windows 7 only to see if it detects sound automatically and there was same problem I think this sound driver is very rerely used. That is why there is no drivers on internet and also from microsoft. I even checked windows update. I think I had to give the system to my friend and tell that there is no sound driver avaliable on internet.

    Should I give up trying ? Or should I wait are searching drivers for me? I am also searching on Google. I will try till tonite and if I don't get driver than let it be anyway atleast we had tried.
  10. tigsounds said:
    Next question has to be.... If you are using XP, which service pack # ?

    Please download and run Everest Home Edition 2.20. Get it



    Reply if you received the proper link and the download is working.

    Did I gave you the right info in the link?
  11. That was helpful, but not conclusive.

    I think the reason you can't find that drivers because it is part of the chipset drivers.

    AMD itself is of little help (of course).

    Intel has a small program that will examine your system and retrieve drivers.

    You can get it

    They have one wizard just for sound HERE

    Or there is a Xpress 200 driver set that is a bit large
  12. I had checked the automatic driver search application from Intel I had not found even one working driver. I had also checked cnet link and even done search on Google and one more site and also try the IDT and VIA sound drivers.
    We had tried everything. Now what is left that we had not tried? I think the Intel motherboard had used third party chip on dg101ggc motherboard if they had used 945gc or some other chips. Than it would be very easy to get the driver.

    What else can we do to find the driver ? I had no idea where to look.
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    No guarantees... but.... There's more HERE

    Meanwhile, back at the Intel site.. They have drivers for boards that were shipped with 3rd party chipsets, including Realtek.

    If you haven't been to this specific site yet... try

    They offer 2 drivers (old/newer)

    This site
    HERE claims to have the driver for your board and several others.

    The normal Realtek drivers just aren't going to work. Search Google for Intel d101ggc Realtek ALC861 so you'll get results for that montage of a board. What's Intel doing making a board with an ATI chipset?

    Intel glued that board together with chips from all over the place. I hope it wasn't expensive.
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