Need advice on first build

Hey all. I have done a fair bit of research already, but haven't started my own thread. I was hoping that I could get some commentary on any potential problems with my build and any alternatives that people may suggest. I also have some specific questions below.

This is my first build. I do a fair bit of gaming, but I'm not hardcore. I'm looking to put something together that will last and that I won't have to upgrade for a couple years. Price is a concern, so I will list what I have paid thus far and what I anticipate paying for the other parts so you can have a frame of reference

I also would like to know if salvaging the old components from my old rig is even worth it.

Here's what I have so far

I7 920 2.66 processor 199 from Microcenter
Gigabyte x58 UD4p MB 185 from Ewiz
1tb WD Caviar Black HD 88 from Dell

NEC ND3500A DVD R/W firmware flashed 3100A salvaged from last machine
Samsung CDR/RW SW252S Salvaged from last machine
Creative SB Audigy 2 Sound card Salvaged from last machine
160 GB HD from old Dell dimension 8400 Salvaged

Here is what I anticipate buying in the next few weeks and anticipated prices

Coolermaster 690 case 90 bucks
Coolermaster V8 58 bucks
OCZ 6gb platinum low voltage DDR3 90 bucks
CORSAIR CMPSU-850TX 105 bucks
OCZ free extreme compound 6 bucks
Additional fans (need advice)
Sapphire 4890 or possibly Toxic 190 - 250 bucks

A couple specific questions:
1) Is it worth using a crappy old soundcard when the new motherboard supports 7.1 anyway? I just don't know if having a devoted card will help performance of the motherboard because it will be one less task for it to handle.
2) Is 850W PSU more than I need for this build, even if I don't want to replace it in 3 years and I may put a second card in when mine becomes obsolete? (Also, I am planning on overclocking at least a little)
3) The speeds on my DVDRW are about 1/2 of what the standard speeds are today. I don't care about burning times, but will it affect gaming?
4) Is it worth keeping the CDRW if I have the DVDRW?
5) What do I need to do with the 160 gb HD to put it in the new pc (e.g. erase windows folders?)
6) Any advice on additional fans, number, type, good price etc is appreciated.

Thank you very much for the help and advice
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  1. 1) You're right: the less components on your mobo, the better. Do away with the old crappy sound card please.
    2) The disadvantage of an 850W PSU? You have to pay more, and your UPS has to be more powerful. But like you said, it keeps your upgrade options open, and the power's enough to support overclocking.
    3) What do you mean by speed? If you meant reading speed, then installing games might take forever. But once a game is on your hard disk, it will only read the DVD to verify the installation, hardly a demanding or data-heavy task.
    4) Well, for the sake of simplicity (see number 1), not really.
    5) You can always plug in the hard disk right away. You'll most likely be able to see the files on it, but I wouldn't recommend using it as your boot disk. It's best to plug it in, back up important files from it, then perform a format.
    6) Unless you're doing overclocking or plan to cram these components in a small case, stock coolers should do nicely.
  2. That's a pretty high-end rig for someone who is "not hardcore," but I suppose it also depends on the games you do play.
    I generally agree with r_manic though, except that a UPS need not be bigger just because the PSU is; the PSU will only draw what it needs.
    Anyway, if price is a major concern, depending on the games you play you might be able to cut back on some things; GPU to as little as a single 4850, PSU to an Earthwatts 650 (to allow for future Crossfire if you need it).
    I added a top fan to my RC690. I think I paid $12-$14 for it, but you can get perfectly reasonable ones for $7-$8.
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