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Just wondering how well is the 9600GT 384MB GSO for gaming? Should I opt for the 512MB version? (The 9600GSO 384 is only $48 Canadian) I'll be playing with this system. (I downgraded :kaola: ) I should be getting a 2.4GHz P4 and OCing it more around 2.6GHz+ or a HT 3GHZ P4

2.45GHz P4 (OCed from 2GHz)
460W CoolerMaster PSU

Resolution is 1280x1024, how will COD4/GRiD/CS:S play on this machine?
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  1. Go for 512Mb version dude.I have a 128-bit version of the card and its really good
  2. ^ good nuff for the games you want to play.
  3. The 9600GT 512MB would be best. The 384MB 9600GSO is based on the same G92 chip as the 9800GT and is faster than the 9600GT when it's RAM isn't a limiting factor, but as newer games use up more memory and depend more on memory speed the 9600GT comes out ahead. The 9600GSO 512MB is basically a chip that wasn't cut out to be a 9600GT and given a cut down 128-bit bus. It's kinda an odd ball really. The 768 MB version of the 9600GSO would be best though :D.
  4. go for the 512 for sure, he fps difference isnt huge but especially at higher res it's necessary.
  5. Best answer
    All wrong. First, there is never a quick question when the 9600GSO is involved. There are so many out there now with different specs that its hard to know which you are talking about. The best model (used to be) is the 96SP, DDR3, 192bit model. Most of the 512MB, 768MB, 1GB models use slower DDR2 memory, and while have more memory, are to memory bandwidth starved to be faster. There is another 9600GSO that uses DDR3 and has (I think) 512MBs of ram, but has only 48SP.

    There are some exceptions. Galaxy made a 512MB model card that could be unlocked to a 8800GTS. Asus currently makes a 512MB, 96SP, DDR3 card that should be a good one. As a general rule, 96SP = good. 192 = good. 128 can = good, but only if it uses DDR3. Avoid any of the other GSOs.
  6. Wow! 4745454b

    Dead on. I just asked around and same thing was said. So this is the card

    How good are ASUS's Mal In Rebates?
  7. Thats a good one, this is the one from Asus that I was talking about. I get the feeling you've seen this and linked the wrong card.

    I have no idea about their rebate system, haven't heard anything about it. Its a great card for $40, and still a good deal for $60.

    I have the 384MB model, and was surprised at what it can do. I recently picked up a 20" LCD with a 1680x1050 resolution. I was wondering if I'd have to scale TF2 back any. Even at this res I can leave the details maxed, AND include 2x MSAA. I wouldn't think 384MBs of ram would be enough, but it is. (yes, I'm aware that TF2 isn't a demanding game as well.)
  8. Pentium 4 2.4ghz? Isnt that agp?
    Because that geforce is pci-e.
  9. No, I have a P4M900-M4 that takes P4's and has a PCIe 16x bus with DDR2-800 support.

    4745454b, One more question :p

    I've played GRiD on a 2.4GHz P4 maxed out at 1280x1024 with a HD3650, so I think this setup should be fine. But what about COD4 and Counter Strike Source? Will the P4 bottleneck the 9600GSO?
  10. Probably will. I have a pc with the same cpu and a 7600gs and it bottlenecks it in some games.
    Btw nice board, i didn't knew you could coop old sk478 with ddr2.
  11. Couldn't edit the message. With "probably will" i meant on COD4 but not on CSS, at least not by a large amount.
  12. I wasn't sure about GRID and CoD4. I still think you'll have some issues with those games. CS:S should be fine, not demanding at all.
  13. Okay well, GRiD plays fine on my friend's PC ~ 2.4GHz P4, HD3650 1GB DDR RAM etc. at 1280x1024 but COD4 lags a little, is the 9600GSO better than the HD3650?
  14. Its a bit better, but not by much. Remember that the GSO we are talking about is nothing more then the 8800GS. The 3870 ~ 8800GT, so the 3850 is around the 8800GS I would imagine. As long as AA is off, I wouldn't think either is faster then the other.
  15. Ok thank you. I can't get 2.46GHz to pass Prime or OCCT. Prime usually fails at [Test - 3, 560000]

    OCCT shows some ripples in the 3.3V, 12V and 5V. Can these "ripples" cause instability?
  16. 4745454b

    Would you use a overclock thats not Prime stable?
  17. No, but I don't overclock anyways. I get the feeling the problem is with your board.
  18. Yeah, its not a "expensive performance board" anyways. Thanks for your help
  19. :(

    Long story short. My LCD monitor is now "dead". I'm stuck with a old, old, Daytek monitor I use on my techbench. Max resolution is 1024x768. I guess now games should play at that res for sure right?

    Should be a while before I get a brand new monitor.
  20. Ouch. I used to game on my dell 17" CRT monitor at 1280x1024. If you really care about image quality, it was great. I moved to an HP 20" LCD however. Colors don't look as good, but for the price I paid it was a great move to 1680x1050. Hope you can get a new monitor soon, 1024x768 sucks.
  21. Unfortunately it does suck :(

    15" LCD hurts my eyes, :p. Oh well its only a 2" difference
  22. I don't know. The only other LCD I used was my wifes 1440x900 19" LCD. It was that one that showed me that 5ms response time is just barely ok for gaming. (2ms would be better) The colors on her 19" aren't as nice, but she likes it just the same. Good luck.
  23. Thanks, 4745454b.
  24. How is the DDR3 ASUS 9600GSO 512MB version with 96SP's and a 128-bit bus? I can get it for the same price point as the 384MB version.

  25. Should be fine. "fast" DDR3 memory, 96 SP, so you should be good. It looks like the memory is held back a bit (128 vs 192 and 1.4 vs <2ghz) but it shouldn't be much slower.
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