Cloned hard drive now cannot delete files

i have just cloned and istalled a SSD hard drive into my laptop i then went into control panel and uninstall programs this all worked fine uninstalled the program i wanted to and then the next time i botted it reinstalled the program is there any way to stop this or remove the program completely
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  1. What is the program you are attempting to uninstall?
  2. Rusting In Peace said:
    What is the program you are attempting to uninstall?

    Good question. An extremely small number of programs are designed so they will do this. The ones that I have seen do this are not important programs, but they are nasty people. When the program is first loaded, it also loads another program that keeps track of the main program. If it sees that the main program is gone, it reloads it. This is very bad behavior, but they still do it.
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