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Hi all,

Just received my Sapphire 6850 in the mail today. I am upgrading from a 4770. Will eventually be putting this 6850 in my parents rig but am using it for myself until I make a full upgrade before BF3 comes out.

It installed perfectly and everything is running fine; however, when I try to run RivaTuner 2.24c to see its overclocking capabilities, Riva notifies me that they do not have current drivers for it and that I need to upgrade RivaTuner. I am pretty sure I have the most updated version of the software so is this some error or is RivaTuner behind on updating their driver list?

Also, when I go into Device Manager, it lists the display adapter as ATI Radeon HD 6800 Series. On my old card it actually specified the 4770 and not just '4 series'. Is this how they appear in device managers now? Are the cards that similar that they are all grouped together with drivers now? I know the install packs for Catalyst drivers are grouped by series and OS but I figured it would actually show in more detail on device manager. This part of the post I am just being nit picky but I would like too know more about the RivaTuner issue as I'd like to push this card to the max
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    Riva is old , try use After burner
  2. i'll give it a try. thanks
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