Hyper 212 Plus Problem

I installed this on a new Gigabyte P55A-UD4P motherboard. I am getting continuous POST short beeps meaning that there is a power problem.

I kept removing all of my components and still have the problem.

Now I am down to the Hyper212 Plus. I notice that one of the feet on the underside of the motherboard is touching a (excuse this) solder thingie. After removing the Hyper212 Plus and powering up, I no longer have the POST power problem.

Anyone have any ideas?

I have watched an installation video and think that I installed the Hyper212 Plus correctly. I had it installed so that the feet on the underside are the parts that touch the motherboard.
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    If the feet are metal, then they shouldn't touch the case panel. Put some plastic pads on them, or sell the hyper 212 if you can't get it working. If the feet are plastic, make sure it's mounted flush, so all the feet stick out under the board the same length, and try again. It's also possible the board won't mount square with the backplate when the hyper is installed, so the board is making metal to metal contact somewhere in the backplate vacinity.
  2. I just installed a Hyper 212+ on my Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2 this week. The "feet" of the backplate are supposed to be touching your motherboard. The backplate comes with a thin film on the part that touches the motherboard. If you were installing on an AMD platform, you would flip the backplate so the - let's call it a table - so the "table" was touching the motherboard. The bootom of the "feet" should have the same film as the top of this "table". Do they both look the same? Can you tell if the feet still have this film? (Just checked the instructions, they refer to this film as insulating tape.)

    If you removed the film or its no longer there that would be a problem.

    If the film is still there, the first trick is ensuring you are using the correct notches. On the backplate, the standoffs should be going through the middle notches. Likewise, the screws on the retention plate should be in the middle notches.

    When it comes to applying thermal paste, I found this to be helpful:
    I put the paste on the cooler along the channels between the heatpipes and ran a razorblade along the bottom of the cooler at about a 45 degree angle moving the paste around and adding more where needed until the channels were filled in and the base of the cooler was basically clean. Then I put two small, thin strips of paste evenly spaced on the channel as shown near the bottom of the article, in the picture above where it says "For my final application method, two short lines measuring half the total length of the processor were placed on the two center mounting base partitions."

    Make sure when you mount it the pressure is evenly applied. You'll want to tighten the screws the same way you put a tire on your car. Not clockwise or counterclockwise. But instead, if you label the screws in a clockwise manner of 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, then tighten 1 part way, move to 3, move to 2, then 4. Repeat the cycle until the HSF is secured.

    Answered more than you asked but I hope this helps. I watched my temps go from 80+ C under Prime95 or IBT to 51C.
  3. Well, this is getting interesting.

    First. The four "feet" still have the tape on them and the "table" top still has the tape.

    Second. I am installing this where the "feet" are touching the motherboard on the bottom. Are you saying that the "table" top is supposed to be touching the board and not the feet?

    Third. I used that website for applying the paste. Interesting. This is my first build where I am not using the stock cpu heatsink with the stock tape. I first thought that my problem may have been too much thermal paste. But, when I removed the heatsink, it looked pretty even and did not overflow off of the cpu.

    Fourth. Thanks a bunch for the replies. After I hear back on the Second item above, if I am supposed to install this with the "feet" touching the motherboard like I had it, I plan on picking up some rubber washers or something to add extra insulation. Then slowly re-assemble one piece at a time and check the POST's happiness.
  4. I have the CM Hyper 212 Plus on a GA P55A-UD4P... no issues at all. The best cooler I have used so far for the money. The diagram on the instructions are quite clear (specifically the diagram for 1156 based motherboards). Only the 4 "feet" should be touching the motherboard. I did not recall having to peel off anything except for the plastic film covering the heatpipes.
  5. thomas97 said:
    Second. I am installing this where the "feet" are touching the motherboard on the bottom. Are you saying that the "table" top is supposed to be touching the board and not the feet?

    No, you have it right. What I was saying earlier is that in your case the feet are supposed to be touching the motherboard. If you were using this cooler on an AMD setup, you would use it with the table touching the motherboard.
  6. One more BIG thank you to all. My new machine is up and running with Window's 7 64 bit installed.

    I put some thin rubber pads on the bottom side of the motherboard between the Hyper "feet" and the motherboard. This took care of any solder contacts.

    Also, thanks for the confirmation as to the set up of the Hyper on the underside of the motherboard.

    You were all great. I have been a "lurker" on this board forever. This is awesome. I never heard back from Cooler Master on this question. Only you all. Tough choosing the best answer, but I think that I need to choose on so the problem shows up as solved in the forum.
  7. Congrats on getting your rig up and running. Have fun putting it to the test!
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