Advice for cheapest 7200 rpm SATA hard drive with best performance

I was wondering what everyones opinion is as far as what the best 7200 rpm SATA hard drive i could get with about a 160 gigabyte memory capacity for the lowest price (about $30-$100).
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  1. Currently that would be the Samsung Spinpoint F3 - ( ) - It is one of the few drives with a single 500GB platter which means fewer Heads needed so it is quieter and faster than most other 7200RPM drives and at only $54 it is a much better buy so you might as well get 500GB instead of 150-300GB since the cost is pretty much the same !! (figure the cheapest 160GB is going to run about $45 shipped so the extra $10 is worth it for the added storage and faster drive.
  2. Data will be much more condensed on a hard drive with a single platter vs. one with multiple platters. The drive will only be able to read off of one head at a time. For that reason, the drive is quicker, as the head is reading more data per second.

    The 500GB spinpoint f3 drive is very good.
  3. alright thanks for the input so far. any other input would be greatly appreciated
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