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Got my new laptop today, i3-380M with 6GB memory and a HD5650. I bought this fully intending to set the GPU clocks closer to a HD5730 as they're the same card. The default clocks of the 5650 are 450/800 (GPU/memory), the 5730's are 650/800. I just tested it with Titan Quest at 575/850 and the highest temperature was 74C and averaged around 69-72. Usage was around 80%.

I'd like to push to at least 600 on the GPU, would this be a bad idea at these temperatures? I've read elsewhere that 85C is the max that should be allowed for a laptop but I want some more opinions from experienced overclockers.
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  1. Okay I tried the Furmark burn-in for about 8 minutes and it reached 82C, is this too high?
  2. Those temps are just fine, the 5650 in the hp dv7 4060us I gave my girlfriend reaches 88c with a hefty oc and stock cooling and it runs fine
  3. 82c in 8mins is pretty high for that amount of time, I would recommend getting a cooling pad if you don't have one already. Whenever I do burn-ins I will do segments of about 10-15 minutes each for an hour or 2. I would do that and see where your temps reach, if its still only around 80c it should be fine.
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