Problems associated with a bad power supply in a dimenison 8400

I have a Dimension 8400 and the machine boots up intermittently and then shuts down. Is this the system board or power supply
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  1. Hard to say; but a new power supply wouldn't hurt. You'll have to do some researching about the ps; some newer dells can work with any brand; some older ones require a dell replacement.
  2. How long does it stay up?, long enough to look at voltage either in bios or with a software program like cpuid hardware monitor?
    You want to look at the 12v, 5v and 3.3v levels at least.
    See if you can borrow another power supply to check, even if just float it out side the case at least you'll know the answer about the PS.
    If it is the PS as o1die says may be a proprietary fit.
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