Q6600 with Arctic Freezer 7 Pro question

Hi everyone,

So I just reinstalled my HSF to my intel q6600 quad-core (stock settings for now), and I am getting some undesirable clock temp numbers. (see below)

I put some new Arctic Silver 5 and made sure there was enough to cover, but that's no my real problem. My real problem is the Heatsink istelf. The heatsink has these (crappy IMHO) twisty prongs that go down that you have to turn in order to squeeze down the HSF thoroughly to the processor and MB.

So I did that, checked the reverse side of the MB and saw that all the 4 prongs were tightly snug to the MB. So, whats' the issue?

I turn on my comp and load up Real Temp and get min readings of 44-43-38-42. Which to me isn't all that desirable. (under little to no load).

Then I take my hand, squeeze down on the HS to push it more onto my processor, and the numbers then read 38-38-36-39 which is a better reading.

My question then to you guys, is: is the HSF crap and wont tighten itself any closer to the MB and processor, or did I do something wrong when I tightened it the first place? OR is there some alternative for me to get a tighter grip between my HS and processor? It's really bugging me atm.

And also, How do I get it to more like ~25C because it seems like that's an impossibility with my HSF.
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  1. Ok, so now I readjusted the 4 twisty things, and the temps now read 39-38-36-39.

    I'm still wondering how I can get them lower.. Maybe it's time for a better HSF?
  2. Two things improve cooling with any heatsink - the thinnest possible layer of TIM and proper pressure holding the heatsink to the CPU. Each time you fiddle with the pins that attach the heatsink to the CPU it probably sqeezes out the excess TIM and improves cooling. The pin mount arrangement is a poor design as many folks have noted. If you really want to use a better HSF, there are many. See the link below.

  3. As a graphic designer, that site you provided is an eyesore to look at, but it does offer some good info regarding cpu coolers.

    My next step up from the Q6600, is going to be a core i5, (x.xx ghz, still looking into one). I have heard that the cooler master 212 Hyper plus, (as seen at newegg) seems to be a great choice for many, maybe I'll look into that one. It also supports old and new sockets.

    Apparently the pins on my HSF only set in well at a certain position. If I turn to far they loosen up a bit, even if they appear to be well seated.

    Thanks beenthere.

    BTW, it's also pushing 90F in the house, definitely not "room temperature",during this summer heat (and no air conditioning!!!). How much of an impact does that put on the cooling?
  4. Ambient temp has a significant impact on cooling. 90 F is just as uncomfortable for your CPU as it is for you. Just add some humidity and you'll both wince in pain... ;)
  5. lol, the forecast is expecting some humidity here, but at least mid 70s temperatures. I will check my temps again when it's a bit cooler and see if there is a nice noticeable difference.
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