Problem activating AHCI for my SSD

i hope its right category for my problem.
i cant acitvate/enable AHCI mode in BIOS. or i can, but after that my PC just freezes after welcome screen and only thing that helps is resetting my motherboard.
i already tried that registry change thing ( and after that activating AHCI without any luck.
i really want to get the best out of my SSD, but its stats are now like these :cry:
there is also that '31k bad' issue, but i havent got that SSD alignement tool either, cause Paragons website is offering me only 32-bit demo which i just can install/use. and that problems should be the reason for that AHCI problem anyway.
i'm out of ideas and getting really desperate already :??:
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  1. and sorry for my poor english and knowledge of computing
  2. and my PC settings are these:

    i7 920 2,67GHz@3,57GHz
    Prolimatech Megahalems
    Asus P6T WS Professional
    BFG 285 GTX OCFU 1Gb
    3 x 2 GB Kingston 1333 PC3-10600
    Corsair Force F120 SSD
    WD Raptor 150 Gb
    WD Caviar 1000 Gb
    Enermax Revolution 85+ 850W
  3. oops, my op system is win7 home premium

    and sorry for my poor english and computing skills
  4. If you install Windows and THEN change from IDE to AHCI (or vice versa) then Windows won't be able to boot because it doesn't have the right drivers loaded. You can fix this as follows:

    1) Run the Registry Editor (regedit.exe)
    2) Navigate to Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Msahci
    3) Set the "Start" value to 0 (zero)
    4) Navigate to Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Pciide
    5) Set the "Start" value to 0 (zero)
    6) Shut down
    7) Start up again, but before Windows boots go into the BIOS configuration screens and change the disk mode to "AHCI". Save the new BIOS configuration and restart so that Windows boots.

    When Windows starts, it will detect the change, load new disk drivers, and do one more reboot to start up with them.
  5. thanks for the answer. i have done this thing without any effect for a couple of times. at least the part about Msahci. just checked that Pciide value and it was also already 0. so this wont help me.
  6. no more ideas/solutions for my problem?
  7. More suggestions, Sure, just go into the BIOS and set AHCI ....

    Then, reload Win7 from the DVD.... (Note, you'll loose any data on the disk, so save it first. And, you'll have to reinstall all your programs after the reinstall too..)
  8. my main problem is that PC freezes after i enable AHCI so i couldnt load anything.
  9. Changing to AHCI should not freeze your computer while your still in the BIOS. Once you change it you can NOT boot into Windows, that's expected....

    Also change the BIOS to boot off the DVD drive. Then reinstall Win7 off the DVD, system will load Win7 and will not "hand after the welcome screen" ....
  10. oh, i see what u mean. okies will try that.
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