Bad PNY 8800GTX Ultra GPU

I recently had a PNY 8800GTX Ultra go bad on me, starting getting distorted graphics, game freezes, and can not run any games. I had a friend look at it for me and he stated that I was getting artifacts. Never heard of that.

I replaced it with a XFX 9800GTX+ "Black Edtion"

I contacted PNY and they informed me that because I was the second owner, warranty does not cover second owners. Well, least less to say. I will never get another PNY product. Which leads me to another question.

Is there any recourse??? I am stuck with this bad card that I paid $250 a year and half ago???

Is there any place I can shipped this card?? Or is just a simple paper weight??

Any suggestions would be appreciated??
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  1. you paid $250 for a used 8800GTX?

    you really have no recourse

    paint it gray and sell it on ebay as a pet rock
  2. Good advise, but seriously...... I guess the only thing that I can sell is the fan???

    I realize now, that I guess I paid too much at that time, but I really wanted to get an 8800GTX at the time, because I REALLY wanted to play Crysisesssessssesssessss! My 7950GX2 would have ran it fine, but I did want better graphics, good thing my MSI died about 6 months ago.

    I am learning to be a lot more tight with my money when getting new/used PC hardware.

    Anyways...... any serious advice.
  3. You bought a used card and it died. It happens. The only company that will transfer a warranty to the second owner is XFX. PNY did nothing wrong.
  4. Sorry your lose.
  5. Yeah, that happens when you buy used parts on eBay. You just should have played dumb and said you got it from Circuit City when they went out of business and lost the receipt :D. You could also try contacting the original seller to see if he has a receipt or anything for it so he can RMA it. Long shot but who knows.
  6. You could try this: http://www.
  7. This is what I am going to do (next month), I will either go to BEST BUY or COMPUSA, get a PNY VGA, 9800 GTX or 9800GT, go home put it my PC (to make sure it runs and then sell it to get some money back), put the PNY 8800GTX Ultra OC in the Box and then go back to the store and simply say, "It was too big for my case" I hate the fact the this card only lasted me 1.5 years. I am happy with the XFX 9800GTX+ "Black Edition", getting a second one to run in SLI on an XFX 750i board.

    This the only justice that I can see to get my money's worth from PNY.
  8. I'm so glad you felt the need to post and tell everyone you're going to commit fraud. Moron. Do you expect people to congratulate you for being brilliantly sneaky?
  9. You bought a used graphics card off of ebay and it lasted 1.5 years.

    This really isn't PNY's fault.
  10. Be is as it may, PNY should have serviced a card that was technically under the 3 years the that card is orginally warrantied under.
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